Friday, 15 April 2011

OK I shopped!!

OK I shopped and spent money - lots of it but there were bargains to be had and I restocked the meat stores with three packs of sausages original price 2.65 - now 1.35!!! 18 thin sausages in each pack so two meals as a minimum from each pack and as such a conservative estimate is  6 meals. Also chicken, gammon rounds, quarter pounders, pizza, lunch items for me, some bits for when we get back from Sheffield and also a bottle of wine, two Easter eggs ( £1 each) and a Harry Potter DVD ( £6 - special at Morrisons if you spend over £40 so I did on stores).

Silly really as I intend on purchasing sandals for weeny girl and leggins for weeny girl and maybe a cheap valance for my fab comfy bed!!!

Off now to use said bed and also indulge in Potter ness!!!