Monday, 2 July 2012

Of Monies.....

I am saving the change. The bank suggested it. You save pennies. Basically you set up a save the change account and they round up to the nearest £1 when you spend on your card and then transfer it to a savings account. Since starting the account I am on the grand total of £24! Every little helps like I said.

I am also  saving my survey vouchers for Weeny's christmas. Thats what save the change is for as well.  Easily have over £50 by September if not more and thats a start.

I need to Ebay some clothes and maybe fit in a car boot.  Some toys can be removed now - Albeit surreptitiously..... ;-)

I am down one credit card. Yeah!!!
Two to go - they are both non interest types and have not a great deal on them. > 350. 

Biggles is very understanding. He is happy with his miniscule amount. Which will increase when others are gone. I have a finite amount of time to pay before interest kicks in. Not from Biggles but the CC companies.

I am saving as well for potential moving fees. Doing ok on this point.

I have started buying weeny's school uniform for next year and new underwear.  5-6!!!!! Eeek!!
I try to spread the cost of her clothes. I also purchased wellies £5 one size too big as wellies need socks.

She also got a treat of pink baseball boots. Asda types. She is chuffed. Her trainers are getting tight.

School shoes I shall purchase from Ebay after having her feet measured by Clarks.

I have barely been in a chazza shop and do not do the rounds anymore due to the saving thang so no bargains so far on the kiddy clothes front.

I need to get the timing belt changed on the car, a new wheel trim ( grrrr bugger) and pay for tax. ( !!!!)

The big shop is done. I have withdrawn money to last till the end of the month.

We need haircuts. My hair gets lank and greasy and having fine hair but lots of it I end up getting elf ear! Weeny too. They can wait however.

Hmm I am still debating whether or not I take a chance/risk of retraining for three years or start saving.... I can save more while working and paying a pension however it is not much and I have no hope in hell of buyng a house in these ere parts ever again.  I would need 10k minimum and then paying the mortgage repayments would be impossible. Decisions decisions.....

Other stuffs!

I hope to arrange some school viewing soon. I will be in Durham on 16th July with Weeny.

We were stranded at the weekend due to some skanky bastard in London knocking over Biggles bike and doing shit loads of damage to it.  It was stationary at the time and parked. They shot off.  It will cost buckets to fix. At least a couple of grand. Also meant Biggles spend all day Friday trying to sort it out and then have it transported back to Northumberland. He left London at 3pm and arrived home 4am Saturday morning. Armed forces day he spent sleeping on the sofa then in bed. Woke up for food then back to bed again.

A pox on the person in a silver mini ( there was a witness but no reg taken) who knocked the bike over.

Thi swas his Afghanistan money - he earn't it and also for turning 40. its his prode and joy and the first new bike he has ever owned. A real treat to himself. I think working for 24hours straight at times doing a more stressful job that we can ever imagine.

Arseholes. They must have whacked it - brakes knwackerd lots of cosmetic and some other tec damage. Sorry to be a gender traitor but a twee silver mini..... hmmmm stinks of female pants driver to me who can't reverse or judge distances.