Saturday, 13 August 2011

Utility companies GRRRR

Have had the central heating installed!!! Sigh - upstairs hall carpet ruined so expense ahoy.   Decided not to get an extra radiator in the bathroom - spoke to a plumber who advised better off getting an extractor fan to deal with the condensation ( a radiator woudl have been a great compliment but I need to choose as funds will not allow everything)  I need a sparky to disconnect the  two remaining storage heaters anyway.

Have seen some cheap carpet and as I do not intend on staying it suits my purpose. But even with this there is underlay and trimmings to include!!!

Scottish Power!!! Eurgh 

Thankfully I knew I needed to change meters from econ7 to normal meters once gas fitted given the price differences however No one has advised me of this!!! Terrible of the company not to make sure this happens. Day time units are more expensive that normal units however night time units are cheaper but I only ever used night time for heating and washing machine. I work so am out all day most days! The E7 would have cost me a lot more to keep generall despite my little fascist utility companies profit policy and price hike!"""

Gas meter was fitted free of charge!!! However when I rang to ask about getting the electricity meter changed there is a charge of £54 to be paid up front!! The rationale is there is nothing wrong with the meter so I need to cover the expense/ Err what I want to do is change the product I purchase!!! I understand if you want to change from a prepayment to a normal  meter and back again etc  and it becomes ridiculous but to charge a customer who just wants to effectively purchase a different product from the company is ridiculous. I am looking for dual fuel and not E7 anymore.  If they are happy to fit new meters for free then why not take the old one away for free...leaving a more appropriate one in its place. Meters are their property we use them. Now their product/property is no longer fit for purpose and as such should be their responsibility to change it.

I was fuming on the phone, sent an email of complaint and also plan on finding out where else I can go to complain. Shoddy customer service if you ask me. They can come out for free at awkward times to fit a new meter then why not the old meter? Why couldn't it have been done at the same time?????

ABSOLUTE you know what thieves!!!  I am going to start a FB group in their honour!!! And also complain to offer or who ever the regulatory body is!

Off for a few days to a field somewhere to play about under canvas.  And here was me thinking I was saving money again.... then smack another bill creeps out of the shadows! Grrrrrrrr