Monday, 27 June 2011

Still around!!!

Have been a busy bee - since camping! Car boot sale - profit of £32 - to go towards Weeny Girls new photos - taken at school  £20 for the sitting and £20 for 5 prints. I am eagerly awaiting the end of the month!!!!  Pah the lap top charger and battery need replacing! Poo this will be a few quid - £42 to be precise.  After this we have the dentist's and I need to arrange for Biggles payment plan.

Sigh.... financial mire!!!!

Will start saving/buying for Christmas.... in August maybe..... 
September I have car tax and in October I will have to renew my car insurance..... booo and also look for another credit card at 0% interest.   The plan to pay off the balance has gone awry due to other more pressing  turns of events.  Oh and I have the dentist to pay for in July - June pay packet!  I owe £16 and will have another £16 to pay at least so £32- 3 may be its £16.50 not sure.

The christian budget people didn't really have an answer for unexpected events.... And gone are the days when I could save properly. Oh well....

Next time I am passing enviro clothes I have a few bags to throw in too. Need to get to grips with Ebay.

I enjoyed the de cluttering and may continue with the quest. very cathartic!!!

Had fun with the Weeny girls other parent. He rang to ask if she still wore nappies at night as she wouldn't put her pull ups on and was adamant she was not a baby and did not need a nappy. I said it had been nearly two years since she wore a nappy at night. Oh said he. HE has been putting pull up pants on her since forever..... I have told him that she is potty trained. Sigh..... He still insists on asking for the buggy as well.

It was his weekend this weekend - I  text to say I wanted to keep Jess till four then bring her round. He said he was looking forward to doing normal things with her and misses her. I said tough. As I thought his normal things meant leaving her at his sisters while he done some work - carpenter joiner stuff.  I have told him that I won't be dropping her off unless he is not working as I spend precious little time with her as it is. Weekdays do not count! We are up and out of the house then in fed, bathed and bed- or asleep on the sofa before bath time as was the case this evening.

Biggles was out wearing his number 5's ( a bit bell hop with gold lame' if you ask me) on Friday getting drunk in military stylee -mess event enlisted only (I cannot be arsed with ladies events or balls - have dresses but its all a bit poncey for me- pref  a pint in a comfy pub) They barbecued a piano - old upright thing. He was very proud. I yawned. Superiors, juniors - all officers burning a piano outside as a jolly jape. posh uniforms now stinking of smoke. I have much to say but shall remain tight lipped.  Spose its that bonding thing Yawn!!!

I got really burnt = farmers tan, while booting.  Have also invested in skin care from Aldi  and am surprisingly happy with it. Not that I used posh cream before this - not at all . Its very nice and my skin appears fine so far.

Will work on pics if the charger lets me.... it is balancing precariously keeping its little recharge light on.... I cannot guarantee I can get it back once it goes...... fingers crossed