Sunday, 13 May 2012

A pox on it a pox!!

Our weekend hath been blighted!  And weeny in particular of course. She is fine in herself a bit uncomfortable but  getting by with the help of poxicillin - a cooling mousse for the vari wotsit virus. Very bloody expensive at £10.47 from Boots but it works.

She managed swimming and a soft play party before her spots developed.  Her fancy dress party was then cancelled. Small baby there. She took it in good spirits after I explained about the baby. A bit sad.

We are in and shall remain so till the spots are scabby. I figure about a week probably. I may use the rear entrance at work   - its the workman's entrance and pop in each day with weeny just to get things done.  Its a really busy week! Ahh I am hoping I can take special leave as i have all my hols booked as does Biggles.

We have feasted so far thanks in part to approved food lol

The nicest Thai Curry sauce for 0.008333333 of a penny per sachet!!! Friday
Chocolate cake - triple layered lots of scotbloc filling!  So tasty!  Though the benefit of  reduced sugar  has been negated by the scotbloc and  butter cream filling.

I shall be approved fooding again asap just to purchase the above!!!!

Today we have the cooking bacon lasagna - well bacon and chicken and veg lasagna, garlic bread.... ooooo it is nice! I have made two one for us and one for the freezer.  Will each feed  two and a bit people. Biggles staying till Monday night as he is getting the bike serviced so we have an extra evening before the working week begins again. Short one - Fabulous!!!

If I didn't have so much to do at work weeny and I would go with him for the week and hang out in London. She is nearly past the contagious stage. When the spots are all out and crusty  all good to go!  She was contagious last week but nursery and school say five days  minimum till crustiness!  Some are crusty already! She heals well!!! That's my girl the breast feeding ( till 2+) the grubbiness and good immune system genes must be  working!