Wednesday, 9 March 2011

CAP = Highly recommended!

What a lovely organisation. Really understanding and very supportive. Technically I am not behind with payments at all but the savings are significantly depleted and I am not earning enough to deal with emergencies as they present and require savings.  CAP  ( Christians against Poverty) people were brilliant and will negotiate with my creditors (3 of them) on my behalf. I pay CAP and  CAP pays them. I agree to not take out anymore debt and only deal with CAP ( this is not an issue- really its not). Am still sour about things generally -  having to do this and not have choice in my life and that being debt free will take longer than I had hoped ( unless the house sells) but at least its manageable. takes the fun out of  thrifting a bit - as I always went for preloved and new to me on point of principle and green leanings. Will  keep you posted re the progress with CAP. Have a new bank account to open next week - they got the time mixed up today so only got bits of it complete.

Biggles paid for coffee and cake ( nice chap that he is) and Gorgeous one had an accident. I had to buy trousers from Oxfam £2 and socks and pants - not from Oxfam but M and Co which came to £9!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Should have made her put up with being commando and barefoot  in shoes but we had a while to go before home and she would have created big stylee!!! I will put the socks away for next year. No pants a larger size either only smaller or far too big so that was a bit of a waste too. Oh well and she is normally so very very good! And its one of the only high street kids shops in the town!!! ( Sainsbury's, a very posh shop, and a local one with outlets in the wider area - mostly school outfitters but not that much cheaper and closed half day on a Wednesdays!!) I really miss Woolworth's in cases like this! living in a small town this is a draw back not having cheap high street shops at your disposal in cases like this.

Quick tea this evening - oven chips ( they have to be used up and chicken/fish fingers/ beans etc. I may have egg as I am a fan of the family Friday classic of yesteryear! )

Saw a  fabulous blue Edinay Ronay short mac style jacket on sale for £20 in Oxfam - was really tempted and got as far as trying it on - was a bit too tight so I am really really glad!!!!! After yesterdays find I am unable to justify further  expenditure and it was rather lovely............ and another Paul Smith skirt that I refused to pay £15 for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous Day earlier - bit cold after 1pmish.. can't wait for warm spring days heralding summer!!!