Saturday, 9 April 2011

Saturday good stuffs!

Bamburgh Castle 

Busy busy! We headed out to look for princesses at Bamburgh Castle then hit the beach for a picnic, a plodge and sandcastles! Despite wearing her fairy princess dress the weeny girl was mad keen on a sword!!! She looked ace prancing about as a warrior type princess. Got a bit scared in the dungeon - it has dummy people being tortured - I said they were wicked witches and trolls so she got over it and swung her sword in defiance!!!  She also lusted after a princess figurine. I asked if she wanted  a prince to go with it but she plumbed for a dragon! That's my girl - own sword and no need for a prince! I indulged despite my frugal leanings this month! The beach was a bit windy but we got changed and wrapped up  and so armed with picnic blanket, bucket and rake (couldn't find the spade) and picnic off we trotted or rather climbed up and over sand dunes playing ''We're going on a bear hunt!''. We munched then indulged in sand drawing, sandcastles and race the waves! She was brill on the way back over the sand dunes carrying the bag with the  bucket and rake in! Popped up to the village ( Bamburgh)  to check out the Grace Darling Museum - local heroine who made a daring sea rescue back in 1838 in only a rowing boat. Popped to St Aidens church - which is set on the spot where St Aiden died and is very old and lit a candle for the dearly departed and said prayers! She was very respectful in the church and I was most pleased. Also indulged in ice cream- tut tut tut

Waiting on Biggles return from getting new tyres for his bike  before starting  the barbecue- that's if the neighbours take their sodding washing in soon- been out since this morning before we left.  I even washed the car and found my glasses!!! SO have spent more than I planned as well as charcoal as I was out . The bag should do for summer however. Burgers, sausages, salad and buns for tea!

We are off to visit Mother Biggles next weekend. this interrupts weeny girls visit with her other family but hey ho such is life she would only be sent out into the concreted garden to play at her gruesome grannies house. Easter my family return from overseas so that's out to. Next time will be  the weekend of the Royal wedding. Biggles is working that weekend so I really do not care if she goes or not. I start full time work again from Tuesday so time I have with her is precious. The SD is not that bothered re access so I shall not be either.

Will post pics when I have facebooked them lol.

Cragside House tomorrow and the Alnwick Museum then messy church to make Easter bonnets.  Oh and yes fuel costs - but its free weekend and it would have cost £8.50 for the castle and £6.00 for Grace Darling or there about and Cragside is about the same. She loves it and is worth it!!! And also very tired.....  great!

Biggles bringing Beer!!!!! yay Biggles!!!

Sand Drawings!!