Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tourism and truth!

Interesting BBC3 doc on Thailand tourism and truth looking at the lives of employees and communities in Thailand. Full moon parties look rank. Minimum wage is barely livable. Rescue volunteers on the beach in Ko Pang Yang to  pick up pissed westerners.  Eurgh am ashamed! Very ashamed.

Need to get some sleep. Also pondering health and social care pgce - more part time options available and I feel there may be more opportunities available given the popularity of the subject at colleges.

I may begin emailing again. I really don't want to add to my debt and feel part time may be the way forward!

Never thought my ancient degree would be eligible nor was I interested until I read the syllabus - most of its covered and the rest has been relevant to me in one way or another. Can train in a school  rather than a uni which given my experience in schools may be advantageous. I shall research and email!!!

Uni interview, Carlisle and t'other tales.... To debt or not to debt...

Well uni interview went OK I think. If I am offered a place do I student loan it or not! Given I have additional debts to repay la famile after the credit card debt I have a big decision to make. If I am offered this place I will be able to do something I have wanted to do for a very long time but it will involve more debt and I will have to rent out the house ( no sign of a sale - no one even viewing the damn thing) and will have to add to the rent  to cover the mortgage meaning I need to borrow more/trounce savings. My initially thoughts are maybe try next year............ but the course may be scrapped by next year - I need more information on this point.

Alternatively I could apply for a part time course for next year 2012 start which would take approx two years to complete if the course is still running. I need more information. I also need to find out if I am offered a place. Regardless of whether I go or not I would like to be offered a place for purposes of ego!

I have financial things to sort out first and a new job to start as well as a current job to complete - I have a ridiculous amount of admin to do for this thing. Grrrr stupid IT that relies on your home internet connection.

Don't think they allow people to defer.... would be good if they did then may have a chance to sell the house and be in a better financial position. Ho hum 

Weeny girl had a fun time and really enjoyed her 121 time with Biggles. She adores him but is a natural child around him- comfortable enough to be naughty lol She went to soft play and scored for a rainbow coloured alice band for her hair which she will wear with pride to nursery tomorrow. 

I get paid tomorrow and will start the frugalling plan anew. With silly interviews and such I have over spent this month. I have also thrown away a receipt for work expenses and it was approx £9!!!  This  silly behaviour annoys me big time - I deserve a slap for wasting money!

I am now on the hunt for a dust ruffle - valance sheet for a king size bed. Plain - cream, beige, ecru, brown - all shades ( BORING but goes with the rest of the plain stuff till I get busy with the paint brush.. not sure when this will be as I have plenty projects and things I need to do before its a priority!!!)

Paper work is a calling - personal admin as well as work - booooo