Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I am offered a place... the ego is satisfied!!!

Yes I have been offered a place on a PGCE|. I have decided to turn it down.  Financially it would mean disaster - descent into the mire of insolvency. After yesterdays mortgage hell I feel I need to work on the debt and finances first . I will reapply in September with the hope that the house will have sold/be selling/I have paid off more debt. I have much on at the moment. My mum is coming back from OS  to live in  a care home due to Alzheimer's. she has had this for a while and was cared for by older sister - or rather in her large house OS with paid carers.  I am glad I made it though very glad - EGO is satisfied. On with the frugalling!!!!

I figure I will need an extra  £1500 to pay the shortfall on the rent/mortgage while I am at uni. Its really not feasible.

Oh well plans plans - its not long till I reapply in September! Thanks Dave!!!  I take on board your messages - move to where the work is, retrain. Ok will do that and move from my home, lower my price so that I will just be breaking even and no joy..... What is your answer Dave you appear to know it all, Can you tell me what to do next?? How do I pay a pension, plan for my future, be independent, bring up my child in a working household with the right values. I don't drink or smoke, don't so silly debt (frivalous debt - store cards, holidays, furniture etc etc) Any answers Dave??? A post card will do????

Thanks for listening Dave I know that cheesey smile mean't I could count on you!!!  Err who is this Clegg person anyway??

Oh I have to laugh....... lol

Fingers crossed.