Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We have found the dress...

I think I have found the dreaded wedding frock.....
Its not black but there will be black accessories
It has a high neck, no sleeves and is below the knee
its from Coast - prelurved via ebay!
its satin
Its a dark purple!!!

Snapped up for £28 which for coast even second hand is nto bad at all. I don't do strapless, or one shouldered or spaghetti straps. i like the shoulders covered - esp the shoulder blades.  Well one in particular.


We have shoes adn a bag and tights with the line up the back, we have the jewellery but need to get a hair cut - I need one anyways- and a fascinator thingy - cheap enough. Don't think I can get away with gloves but will see... black opera maybe.... see what its like when I get to try the frock on. I have good feelings about this one - Good dress karma!!!

The fascinator will only be a couple of quid - I couldn't make something cheaper by the time I bought al the bits!

Might get some false nails to add to the look  and yes purple nail polish  thank you very much.... dark!

I do quite like going to weddings wearing black  - I feel all Kristen Scott Thomas's Fiona  in Four Weddings and a Funeral. And I love the bit where she feigns happy and shakes hands saying '' you must be very proud'' to each of the receiving line..... that'll be me then!