Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We have found the dress...

I think I have found the dreaded wedding frock.....
Its not black but there will be black accessories
It has a high neck, no sleeves and is below the knee
its from Coast - prelurved via ebay!
its satin
Its a dark purple!!!

Snapped up for £28 which for coast even second hand is nto bad at all. I don't do strapless, or one shouldered or spaghetti straps. i like the shoulders covered - esp the shoulder blades.  Well one in particular.


We have shoes adn a bag and tights with the line up the back, we have the jewellery but need to get a hair cut - I need one anyways- and a fascinator thingy - cheap enough. Don't think I can get away with gloves but will see... black opera maybe.... see what its like when I get to try the frock on. I have good feelings about this one - Good dress karma!!!

The fascinator will only be a couple of quid - I couldn't make something cheaper by the time I bought al the bits!

Might get some false nails to add to the look  and yes purple nail polish  thank you very much.... dark!

I do quite like going to weddings wearing black  - I feel all Kristen Scott Thomas's Fiona  in Four Weddings and a Funeral. And I love the bit where she feigns happy and shakes hands saying '' you must be very proud'' to each of the receiving line..... that'll be me then!


  1. Coast do gorgeous stuff, lucky you! You'll have to post s picture of the outfit.

  2. I got some elbow length black lace gloves from a Clairs Accessories outlet for just a couple of quid. Sounds like they would look great with the dress x

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  4. I wore a huge Holly Golightly inspired black hat to my BIL's winter wedding. I'd picked it up that morning in Tesco for £7! Felt very smug!!!