Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday stuff

I have unchecked the stay signed in box and apparently now I am allowed by the grace of google blogger to comment!! Not sure how may blogs I will be able to comment on but this is a start.  

Well we had our lie in before making our way to the swimming pool - weeny girl loves a splash.  We have investigated lessons but they are only offered 5-6pm week nights. Hmm I leave work at 5pm then pick her up at 5.45pm. Will have to keep swimming more often till something comes up.

 Sainsburys for supplies ( only because I thought I had a spend 30 get 6 off voucher but it was out of date). 

Lasagne x2 prepped one for tea the other to freeze. We made choc crispy tiffin type fridge cake!! Weeny girl chuffed.

Biggles back from his epic ride in time for tea.East coast to west coast via the scenic route taking in Alston and St Mary's Loch.   I shall not ask about speed. He has been given the evil eye and a filthy look.   tut tut Biggles.

I need to get some canes for the beans- I need to get some canes for the beans - and repeat 


I can't even  comment on my own posts or reply!!!  So this is a bit of a reply.......Yes  we had a grand dinner and a lovely walk on the beach as well....   :-)

 oh yes the half days how much fun are they!!! lol I prefer to spend as much time with her as I can so don't care a jot really  its just a shame for her.   Maybe one day  we will move so far away that its really not feasible anymore and I know for one that he wouldn't put himself out to visit at all. I always wanted to live on Shetland..... lol