Thursday, 14 April 2011

More no spends!

I have not spent a penny since Tuesday!!! I like working where there is no access to shops at lunch time, you can use a kitchen to warm up food, make your own coffee!!!

Took delivery of my divan base - all set up with help from Biggles who was rewarded with a chicken curry made from 7p a jar curry sauce. I saved half of it for the freezer.  Weeny one and I ate pizza earlier so were happy with that.

I am using up much of the freezer contents. I shall try to get rid of most of it given its need of a serious defrost. I am away this weekend and also next so minimal shops should get me through the next fortnight - til the next payday anyway.

I need to pay for my garden bin collections, weeny girl needs sandals and its photo time at school! Another £20 with 4 additional prints for a further £20  I am waiting for the car mechanics bill and the end of May is car tax!!!

Oh joys joys joys. I have filled up the car at ASDA and hope to get away with doing this twice a month - approx £80 a month for two fills.

I need to review life insurance. Its £50 a month  and will only pay off my mortgage - decreasing term with illness, sickness benefits.  Hmm am sure a better deal is available somewhere for a bit less for the same cover.

Friday tomorrow!!! Work all good!!! Nice peeps, working with teenagers again, networking so fun fun fun.. kind of!