Thursday, 14 April 2011

More no spends!

I have not spent a penny since Tuesday!!! I like working where there is no access to shops at lunch time, you can use a kitchen to warm up food, make your own coffee!!!

Took delivery of my divan base - all set up with help from Biggles who was rewarded with a chicken curry made from 7p a jar curry sauce. I saved half of it for the freezer.  Weeny one and I ate pizza earlier so were happy with that.

I am using up much of the freezer contents. I shall try to get rid of most of it given its need of a serious defrost. I am away this weekend and also next so minimal shops should get me through the next fortnight - til the next payday anyway.

I need to pay for my garden bin collections, weeny girl needs sandals and its photo time at school! Another £20 with 4 additional prints for a further £20  I am waiting for the car mechanics bill and the end of May is car tax!!!

Oh joys joys joys. I have filled up the car at ASDA and hope to get away with doing this twice a month - approx £80 a month for two fills.

I need to review life insurance. Its £50 a month  and will only pay off my mortgage - decreasing term with illness, sickness benefits.  Hmm am sure a better deal is available somewhere for a bit less for the same cover.

Friday tomorrow!!! Work all good!!! Nice peeps, working with teenagers again, networking so fun fun fun.. kind of!


  1. Hi, I am new to your blog. With have similar things in common. For example, I am in the process of setting up some life insurance/critical illness cover.

    Anyway, I wanted to recommend this blog
    she has 'No spend days' and 'Paid a debt' days.

  2. Well done on no spends, I used to find that going to my mums house for lunch at work was good to curb my spending as walking into the town with work collegues always ended up with me openning my purse! Scarlett x