Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A new title.....

Am not keen on 'a frugal life anymore......' I dont' necessarily identify with the whole frugal thing anymore. Its not a life choice for me. Its a necessity. I  have to spend on somethings. yabba yabba nadda nadda I hear you cry. I have a small child who doesn't need to be subjected to extreme frugalism. Thats silly and just a bit cruel.  Some things are worth spending on for a childhood lived once. Now I won't do designer togs, expensive toys and frivolous things but a life with a child is different. They need decent food, they need stuff - French lessons and swimming lessons. But you could do them your self you shriek - No I bloody well couldn't. My french is shite and swimming though ok am not as good as a teacher. They deserve if you can do it lots of horizon broadening experiences and they cost. Ok not necessarily a lot but they do. Littlies do not make for a super frugal way of life. penny pinching yes but not super frugal.

Anyhoo as I blame Dave very much for my predicament - redundancy and then feeling the bite of the housing slump, the bastard, I feel something more appropriate reflecting my leftie leanings would be good.  (20k loss of life savings and investment in my house is a bitter pill and is an entrenched memory)

Am pondering.... Condemned in the era of the Con- dem- nation maybe, The liberals have been nowt but a bunch of pussies so there!

Anyway thats one I am toying with I will add to the list as I think on it and will update and edit this post.

 Con-dem-ned Plebdom - Cheers Marra dave!