Sunday, 5 June 2011

Well well well.....Weekend stuff

I have been a lazy blogger!!!  But little has occurred this week other than the usual work type stuff. Biggles off work - on leave all of next week so the house is full and meals are planned.

This weekend we three went on a tent hunt. I have a large stand up tent which is a pain to pitch especially for one person. I may have to pitch in my own initially - not sure of timings. The plan is that I do West coast - see mum then travel down and Biggles will meet me at Ullswater. He will take his bike if its nice weather - he is hoping so very much. Weeny girl is very excited ans wants to go today!!! Lets hope the weather is better.

We have a four man tunnel tent - purchased between us. Smaller - warmer, easier to pitch and not a comfort tent. My previous was purchased to pacify an ex who was not a camper.  A massive tent and you might as well get a caravan.

We have it in blue and had a challenge to fine the cheapest  on the internet. I lost. Biggles invoking the Yorkshire man's skill in not wanting t'part wit money found said tent for £69.99 delivery  £4.95 with a free gift to boot  ands a useful one - gas burner with gas canister.   Most excellent.  Well done the yorkshireman!!!

We went to a few tent shops which weeny loved as she got to crawl inside big tents little tents etc etc ones inside..... We also went for ice cream at Morwick. Morwick is a dairy farm that produces its own fabulous ice cream in a variety of flavours and also has a small play park. Bloody cold however!!!

Home for Green Thai curry - Weeny girl loves Green Thai Curry - I make a creamier version for her. Doctor Who and Kill Bill vol 2.

Today we are waiting .......... for it to stop raining so we can go to Seahouses for a walk along the beach and some fish and chips.  We had a late breakfast of  sausages and eggs. I managed to tidy the shed and give the camping equipment the once over.

Biggles watching moto gp  upstairs, Downstairs Weeny girl is watching Mama Mia. Its a lot of fun really We may if there is time make Choc chip cookies using Jacqui at the interrupted gardeners recipe!!. If we do we will up date with pics.

Ho hum nearly Monday again.................sigh