Friday, 30 August 2013

Busy busy but so pissed off by Jamie Oliver!

Yes am busy. Still moving to Italia. Stuff to do. Inspired by the little oik that is Jamie Oliver and his criticisms of the poor.

What is it with poor bashing at the moment? Middle classes 'feeling the pinch' and cannot afford their  new tat for their new build houses, or to exchange the 4x4,  look to blame the poor for their sacrifice!!!. They are all scroungers, benefits cheats etc. (Pah If we all paid our taxes more efficiently the up their own arse middle classes may just find that there would be greater savings made rather than by poor bashing/welfare bashing.) What a vote winner! Moral panic created over benefit recipients to hide what ever else is going on.  Little fiddles, big fiddles, mahoosive tax dodges cost as much as benefits fraud/welfare. Now its moved further than targeting those fraudulently claiming benefit who are just as wrong as the tax dodger whether he be big or small.  If you are poor then you are irresponsible, insolent and  indolent! Deserving and undeserving categories abound. It's the fault of the poor that the are poor. No one elses. Not unemployment, 0 hours contracts... what if their ceiling is low?? No its their selfish, misguided, terrible life choices and why should I forgo my 4x4 upgrade so they can sit and watch their mahoosive telly's and eat chips.

(Lets get something clear if you vote Tory fuck off right now. This blog is not for you. Not sure who I would vote for but Tory it will never be. So if you have true blue leanings take yourself somewhere else. Simple. I think you are an arse! Now fuck off before you get annoyed, feel your god given moral right to respond, I will call you a c*nt to insult you and you will leave disgusted anway. Save time don't bother. Go now.)

ST JAMIE D'OLIVER jumps on the austerity bandwagon. Massive fucking tellys and styrofoam containers for chips- yes this is poverty.

What a poxy comparision! Has the little mockney privileged Essex boy son of a business man albeit a small one,  ever considered the value in a telly for which you make weekly payments or even pay by view? ( and yes- pay silly interest- longer term for payment but lower weekly actual payments with  higher interest. Needs must when you have very little. It happens get over it. You pay for your car on HP don't get hypocritical)

As a poor person I have two flat screen tv's. I shall not qualify how I came to possess these items. No need and I should not be judged on this. So??? I cannot afford 10 mangetout in comparison to a bag of frozen peas. The value isn't there.

I really do hate the point made about Massive Fucking Telly's. It's great to have money for aspirations.  Money makes many things possible including aspirations, If you have no money and very little prospect of making a reasonable amount lots of things are just not possible. Outwith our cultural and financial frame of reference. If things are impossible eg mortagage deposit, new reliable car what ever, you focus on what you can afford and what is good value. Massive fucking telly's if that is your main source of entertainment are good value. They last for several years normally, unlike a holiday, and can benefit everyone in the household. I know of families who upgrade their TV before it breaks so they can get some cash back and can put it towards a new one- maybe bigger and better.

Like the frozen peas its better value than the mange tout. A holiday??? Over in an instant and incomparision to the telly that you spend alot of time in front of, keeps the whole family amused,  not as good value for money.

We all have a TV or  entertainment source be it internet or what ever for watching iplayer. Get real Jamie. And chips- well we all indulge in chips every so often. Eaten best from the packaging. Nigella does it albeit with houmous.  Us poor folk do this as well from time to time. It's a treat maybe even a weekly one. I bet St Jamie d'Oliver et famille gets regular weekly treats and they cost more than styrofoam chips.

He explained poverty and poor nutrition in one sentence laying the blame on people who are poor making poor choices. Poor folk are selfish and buy telly's over good food. Simple. They value tv!!! Shoot them!!! Hell fire their skank poor arses! How dare they not aspire to painting holidays in France! The little prick knows nothing of living on a budget and how it effects ever aspect of our life.

I don't mean choosing to live frugally. This is a choice. A very good one on all accounts- environmentally, financially, morally. Being poor is not typically a choice. ( yadda yaddda lazy folk and fraud)

Poverty can come with other features such as a lack of information and awareness, ignorance if you like about how to budget, cook, discipline your kids, clean your house, health, education, whatever it is. Levels of ignorance and being just unaware are lower and more common than you think. Don't assume a level of awareness.

If the offspring  of the 'monied' middles classes when in their twenties, can ask questions such as '' Was it Hitler who was responsible for the Holocaust?, Whats apartheid? or other similar cultural idiocy then yes there are poorer people who are unable to budget, cannot work out how much their supermarket  shopping will come to, are clueless as to how to bake bread or even know what a bastard mange tout is? ( Quote from only fools and horses maybe??)

Jamie is arrogant and also highly ignorant. For the pursuit of ££££ he has jumped on the bandwagon of moralising and  poor bashing.

St Jamie d'Oliver you are just another bully.  Whining oh so hard done by middle classes you too.