Monday, 11 March 2013

Price rises! And losing a tenner!

Pah I have lost a tenner already and its not even April!

Rent is increasing by £8 and Weeny's swimming by £1 which when you add in pennies comes to best part of £10!

Now £10 may not be a lot to some but it is to me. So that will be £74 quid spare I have per month in April when I review finances again.

I fully expect day care to increase and tax credits to decrease.

Ho hum. back to the meal planning. petrol expenses going ok. Desperately trying to keep it at £40 per week however I have work journeys to make so it doesn't always work.

My £20-£25 per week for food is going ok. I don't religiously stick to that each week but rather look at a monthly amount. Some weeks are for eg £40 typically at the beginning of the month but the others are then below and just for the perishables really.  Its a Lidl week this week for items that are cheaper in Lidl mostly. Other stuff will wait till next week.

Lets see what the budget brings eh!

Lighter note!

Its residents weekend this weekend and if you have an address in Northumberland and fill out the relevant form this means you get to go to places for free or for half price or two for one.

We are doing free things.

Cragside - home of a geordie genius! Fantastic all day type trip to a massive estate with lots to do.

Either Keilder for Birds of Prey Centre or Lindisfarne- Holy Island.

The tide is right  so may do Lindisfarne and the beach. It will also depend on the weather. Here's hoping. Kielder is a proper trek as the county I live in is vast.

Only accessible via a tidal causeway! Ransacked by dem vikings on numerous occasions! We get the castle for free and can play on the beach with a picnic.

Maze, lakes, watermill, posh house with lots to see, massive play park and lots of walks. You get to take the car round  on a one way system as the estate is so large.

Mothers Day was cool. We went to Sheffield. This meant no cookign for me1 We had a takeaway courtesy of Biggles for his Mum. Cards and little pressies from use. Biggles bought his mum a mobile phone as she wanted. He is in the goodbooks. Its for her birthday too.

Not a mothers day gift type person- like Christmas I like spending time and a hand made card from small girl is worth a million shop bought cards.