Wednesday, 20 March 2013

yellow split peas

Cheap in Morrisons. Bought for making of soup. Will they work as an alternative to lentils which were twice the price? Answers on a post card please.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Never the time.....


Never really get the chance anymore but may all change.

Work is busy. Home is busy. Blogg neglected lol

We are not considering Bucks as a priority anymore potentially Poggio Renatica - yes that's Italy not far from Ferrara where they make those speedy cars that petrol heads drool and lust over.

Lots of questions to ask before we decide it is worth Biggles being boarded for. And its the military so what ever they decide goes really.

Schools need to be researched, housing too then there is the question of what I do with myself for two years. I am not a lady of leisure. I couldn't be. I will need to have structure. Jobs are unlikely. I would like to study at least to give the hours when small one is in school some purpose. However I want any study to have currency when I return to the UK. A working qualification or at least counts towards one.

Completing the  academic modules of a JNC youth and community development MA would be ideal but is it possible??? Is it buggery!

Open University I hear you cry. NO. I do not need any more purely academic and very expensive courses thank you. I would enjoy them but a waste of cash I do not have or which could have a more practical use.  If I am going to do a another HE qual it needs to mean something in the real world and have a function. Not just be for fun or pleasure.

I am too long in the tooth to take two years out of working and do nothing.

I can just about manage to not pay the state pension for two years. I have a few stacked up and its currently 30 yrs contributions to get full whack. I will succeed this target with some to spare so bugger the gov they are not getting anymore. ( They still fecking owe me, the bastards with their austerity measures!)

So I shall return to searching out somewhere that may let me take a few modules that can count towards a post grad or a masters degree.....I am not hopeful.

B is getting info on housing and schools and other such stuff.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Price rises! And losing a tenner!

Pah I have lost a tenner already and its not even April!

Rent is increasing by £8 and Weeny's swimming by £1 which when you add in pennies comes to best part of £10!

Now £10 may not be a lot to some but it is to me. So that will be £74 quid spare I have per month in April when I review finances again.

I fully expect day care to increase and tax credits to decrease.

Ho hum. back to the meal planning. petrol expenses going ok. Desperately trying to keep it at £40 per week however I have work journeys to make so it doesn't always work.

My £20-£25 per week for food is going ok. I don't religiously stick to that each week but rather look at a monthly amount. Some weeks are for eg £40 typically at the beginning of the month but the others are then below and just for the perishables really.  Its a Lidl week this week for items that are cheaper in Lidl mostly. Other stuff will wait till next week.

Lets see what the budget brings eh!

Lighter note!

Its residents weekend this weekend and if you have an address in Northumberland and fill out the relevant form this means you get to go to places for free or for half price or two for one.

We are doing free things.

Cragside - home of a geordie genius! Fantastic all day type trip to a massive estate with lots to do.

Either Keilder for Birds of Prey Centre or Lindisfarne- Holy Island.

The tide is right  so may do Lindisfarne and the beach. It will also depend on the weather. Here's hoping. Kielder is a proper trek as the county I live in is vast.

Only accessible via a tidal causeway! Ransacked by dem vikings on numerous occasions! We get the castle for free and can play on the beach with a picnic.

Maze, lakes, watermill, posh house with lots to see, massive play park and lots of walks. You get to take the car round  on a one way system as the estate is so large.

Mothers Day was cool. We went to Sheffield. This meant no cookign for me1 We had a takeaway courtesy of Biggles for his Mum. Cards and little pressies from use. Biggles bought his mum a mobile phone as she wanted. He is in the goodbooks. Its for her birthday too.

Not a mothers day gift type person- like Christmas I like spending time and a hand made card from small girl is worth a million shop bought cards.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Pros and Cons.. Bucks and other stuff

That would be Buckinghamshire and RAF High Wycomb towards the end of the year. We are considering it.

We need to work out if the job is a good promo job for Biggles or not. He is making enquiries. if so it may be a go - er. Question is what do we do. I am looking into re location seriously but as Biggles earns enough for us to be taken out of the Child benefit equation completely it needs some serious consideration.  Small girl and I will be dependent entirely on him till I get myself a job. He will only be there for max 2 yrs. This has implications for my career. Also as he earns a bit it means I will not be able to get funding for alot of future study options.  Also Bucks is in a pish location for future study options such as Social work however i could look into a Youth and Community development masters distance learning through DE Monfort in Leicester if I am employer for a minimum of 12hrs per week in a related position.  Its also ruibbish for commuting at weekends for Biggles. I couldn't visit as he would be living in the officers mess in a room.

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Will see what Biggles brings to the table with his research form other respected military types. He still quite likes the idea of a Italy and working for NATO but this is generally a career and promotion killer.

My pension will be in jeopardy as well. Leaving a local authority pension not great. However as he says if he makes Wing Commander it would be a mute point as hi WC pension would be most excellent.

Small Girl would be happy. The schools are fine locally and till she begins her GCSE's and starts secondary or high school we have some breathing space.  She is not happy that he leaves to go back to London and continues to cry and get upset. I thought she may have got used to it by now but no.

other than that we are planning residents weekend and a visit to Mother Biggles in Yorkshire. Next weekend Sheffield. Weekend after the local tourist attractions are open at cut price or free to residents of Northumberland.  Cragside most def.

It you caught countryfile last night on BBC1 7pm. Thats where we live! Well local to thew place and have even bunked in the old school visitied by that Julia Badbury girl who walks a lot!