Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Out of context reply - sodding blogger

The below is my reply to the Pissed off as a pissed off thing  comments! Blogger is being a pain!!

This is Eeeek - hi peeps! have updated the rest of the story above. I have had enough and it is a shame. To be lied to, threatened and accused is enough. I can't afford to do the solicitor thing as I don't have the cash to pay one and wouldn't be entitled to legal aid. I would like to give up POA but don't know how to do it other than pay a solicitor.
I should have taken more notice of incomes  and outcomes and what was being asked /used for.  Despite a pension and rent finances were permanently at a deficit and no saving available. 1k per month from a yearly income of 12k doesn't work if you have to budget for landlords insurance, maintenance etc. If you don't you haemoragh money - simples now I see it.

Blatant Lies -hmm a solicitor who sends expensive letters without getting paid.....

Thanks for the comments  peeps. After a vary threatening blatant lie I have called it quits. 
In an email I was threatened with a ficticious solicitors letter sent without the request of a paying client all the way to south east asia..

 The most annoying thing,  apart from being so blind to basic maths and accusing me of squandering a massive sum of money!!! (a few k I could undertand but 40k is hysterical)is the blatant lie that Mums solicitor had been in touch by letter reminding  her that he was legally able to audit any accounts for missapropriated funds.

 Of course I have not seen this letter but even I know that a solicitor wouldn't do this unless someone was paying them.  She thinks I am an idiot.

The lie and the solicitor''threat'' have been the last straw. I am actually waiting for the solicitor to call me back re this correspondence.have gone through books and am unable to account for approx 9k.  I will be more thorough over the weekend and it will turn up.  Hmmm Who pays the solicitor to send an expensive letter to south east Asia.......  Blatant lies.  More likely that the old fella was retiring and house deeds, wills etc were transferred to another law firm that's if there was any communication at all.....  If I am wrong then I have a very conscientious solicitor who works for free..............  I cannot believe it still. Lies lies lies and I am supposed to be stupid enough to believe it and be scared by it - The point of a lie is to get someone to believe it -yes???

And then was told I was acting guiltily by not accounting for 40k!!!!!!!!!!! 

I worked out  a few sums - laid out opening balances, income and outcome over 4 tax years - roughly/approx and easily accounted for 40k+ - how it got there and how it was spent.... 1000 per month in care fees South East Asia style x 50 months = 50k!!!!! 

I am sickened and completely finished. And it was blatantly a lie that it was all for my own good and satisfying legal responsibilities - it was more about clutching at straws and hoping for an inheritance.