Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Out of context reply - sodding blogger

The below is my reply to the Pissed off as a pissed off thing  comments! Blogger is being a pain!!

This is Eeeek - hi peeps! have updated the rest of the story above. I have had enough and it is a shame. To be lied to, threatened and accused is enough. I can't afford to do the solicitor thing as I don't have the cash to pay one and wouldn't be entitled to legal aid. I would like to give up POA but don't know how to do it other than pay a solicitor.
I should have taken more notice of incomes  and outcomes and what was being asked /used for.  Despite a pension and rent finances were permanently at a deficit and no saving available. 1k per month from a yearly income of 12k doesn't work if you have to budget for landlords insurance, maintenance etc. If you don't you haemoragh money - simples now I see it.

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  1. I dont know how you change POA, but is it worth going to a solicitor for some advice, they usually give the first hour/session free in my experience, or what about the CAB. I know it is all extra stress that you can do without x