Saturday, 3 December 2011

I have tempted fate...............

The xmas decos are up...... Its for weeny. We will probably move now before xmas. I am resigned to having to pay for both rent and mortgage till the solicitors get their arse into gear.

Two trees, one fibre optic, one not, two sets of lights, two crib scenes, one tree is silver and frosty light blue ( green with white fibre optic)  other is traditional red and gold. We had fun. Oh and horrendous window stickers.

Partm swimming, playdate shopping. Now onto card making. Off to other family tomorrow. The SD ( guess what that stands for ;-)) cancelled for today and tonight. His choice- can not stand in the way of a horse getting to water but you can't force it to the trough or make it drink.
  Best go we have preparations to do!