Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance day and the weekend. Am poppying with pride.

We cannot wait - we have alovely weekend ahead.. again.

Duckings, a haricut for weeny then a party for her by which time Biggles may have recovered from his officers mess do dah wotsit dining out night! He is leaving his job for the new one soon so gets dined out and a formal tarrah said! Lots of food and alcohol for free!!! He may surface around 2pm if we are lucky lol

On Sunday we have a remembrance day parade./service which we are going to all together poshed up. Biggles will be in Number 1's and Weeny is very excited. There is a parade of soldiers - she doesn't really distinguish between RAF and soldiers but gets that they all go to war adn do brave things. She is dead excited. there will be a helicopter fly by as well and the Duke of Northumberland makes an appearance.

We will be wearing our poppies with pride and remembering my Dad too. He was in the navy from 1939-1946. he dies when I was 13 so Weeny has never met him. She will inherit his naval stuff however and is kind of named after him - he was a James and  she is a Jessica and she has my surname in her name. Both J Westbrooks. Was the closest I could get with the ex.  We have his pictures up and old ones from WW2. bit of history for her.

I often wonder what my Dad would have made of Biggles. Firm handshakes and would probably straighten his shoulders a lot lol and would have loved the officers mess.  Would have loved to have taken him. He liked the old queeny and would have stood to attention with pride at the national anthem and toasts to the old girl and been very honoured to have been taken there by Biggles.  And any mention of Lord Mountbatten would have set him off! He met him many years ago and thought he was ace.

Hope he is smiling somewhere!