Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kind of productive - must try harder, can do better! Lucky Me!!!

Productive - kind of.. I suppose
OK so have accomplished the following:
Tax office - electricity company all as POA for mum - completed

Need to do more personal admin tomorrow - send off car mechanics check, ring warm front ( I have been given a grant for central heating - am happy with the electric night storage stuff I have but in an effort to sell the house have taken the plunge - booo - more bloody expense - two service charges to pay!!!!) Ring tax credits to confirm money made last year..... can't think of anything else - ah yes credit card to ring up and pay and doctors)

However I have gardened - planted runner beans and petunia type things in hanging baskets, hoovered up stairs.

Tomorrow - wash the kitchen floor, do the bathroomish, do some ironing ( Yaa Booo :-( ) Personal Admin at work-  to organise/complete - make phone calls, etc etc
Scored for a few second hand things to day! A chum was having a clear our of stuff I had stored for her after she left her partner. Weeny girl got the remains of an art set - pens, pencils, paints etc in a tin briefcase style storage bag/box , a lion shaped flip top bin and a lilac star cushion. I bagged a washing basket - the ones you use to collect washing from the machine. I currently just plonk armfuls onf washing on the kitchen table leaving a trail of socks and knickers in my wake. And.a wicker shelf thing painted cream - good for the bedroom. Weeny girl happy, Mummy happy!

I promise I will post pics of finds, progress in the garden and such soon!!!!

Tea - one gammon round between 1.5 peeps, baked spuds one each - small one  and medium size  with cucumber, tomato salsa, mayo, mustard, sweetcorn and a few peas for splash of green colour. We really like this tea and both finish our plates pretty much. Dead cheap too. Gammon only 50p and the most expensive item on the list!

Mwaw Mwaw and all that May make low fat low cal (ish) Banana cake to take to the caravan- well its lower calorie banana cake .......