Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Never the time.....


Never really get the chance anymore but may all change.

Work is busy. Home is busy. Blogg neglected lol

We are not considering Bucks as a priority anymore potentially Poggio Renatica - yes that's Italy not far from Ferrara where they make those speedy cars that petrol heads drool and lust over.

Lots of questions to ask before we decide it is worth Biggles being boarded for. And its the military so what ever they decide goes really.

Schools need to be researched, housing too then there is the question of what I do with myself for two years. I am not a lady of leisure. I couldn't be. I will need to have structure. Jobs are unlikely. I would like to study at least to give the hours when small one is in school some purpose. However I want any study to have currency when I return to the UK. A working qualification or at least counts towards one.

Completing the  academic modules of a JNC youth and community development MA would be ideal but is it possible??? Is it buggery!

Open University I hear you cry. NO. I do not need any more purely academic and very expensive courses thank you. I would enjoy them but a waste of cash I do not have or which could have a more practical use.  If I am going to do a another HE qual it needs to mean something in the real world and have a function. Not just be for fun or pleasure.

I am too long in the tooth to take two years out of working and do nothing.

I can just about manage to not pay the state pension for two years. I have a few stacked up and its currently 30 yrs contributions to get full whack. I will succeed this target with some to spare so bugger the gov they are not getting anymore. ( They still fecking owe me, the bastards with their austerity measures!)

So I shall return to searching out somewhere that may let me take a few modules that can count towards a post grad or a masters degree.....I am not hopeful.

B is getting info on housing and schools and other such stuff.