Tuesday, 21 August 2012

C word list so far

Christmas bargains so far.... for Weeny

Hungry Hippos type game £4
Barbie £6  Very Basic
10 Julia Donaldson Books £12 including delivery ( The author of The Gruffalo)
Felt picture thing ( £2.50)
Alien that climbs walls ( £2.00)
Early learning centre paint art thing £4
Heroes chocs £1.49

Total  so far £31.99 I think

Biggles bargains

Some stuff ha ha not saying as he drops by from time to time!

Going to get her a trampoline for the garden,  £ 100 max
New scooter ( inline one to help with the bike balance) ( Biggles has offered)
Pyjamas/clothes for next year etc etc
New Storio Cartridge to listen to or maybe two as she has her birthday in January. Some of this stuff will do for her birthday as well. Prob keep the scooter and make Biggles re think lol.  Storio cartridges are not cheap. Leap frog pad thing to read maybe...??? She has mentioned an ice cream maker but they have not so great reviews... the ones for kids that is.

Some make up stuff, jewellery bits and sweets for her stocking and thats it!

I have gone through the Argos catalogue with her and we will write a letter to Santa. If she has a strong desire for a particular thing and its not too expensive I may indulge her. Last year it was Doggie Doo - the game where you collect up the dogs doo... £18 but she was very chuffed with it. And was her fav present over all I think.

Will limit her to £200 max including birthday.

I love approved food.....

Cost Each
Quantity Cost
Pride Pure Creamed Coconut 198g £0.33 12 £3.96
Weightwatchers 6 Tortillas £0.17 6 £1.02
Aunt Bessies Vegetable Gravy Granules 170g £0.33 3 £0.99
Community Ground Cumin 50g £0.50 2 £1.00
Maysan Concentrated Curry Sauce Paste Mild 448g £1.49 1 £1.49
McVities Digestives The Original 250g £0.33 3 £0.99
Toffee Dodgers 140g £0.25 4 £1.00
CASE PRICE Sharwoods Thai Red Curry Paste 12 x £0.01 1 £0.01
CASE PRICE Sharwoods 4 Plain Mini Naans x 10 £1.00 1 £1.00
Owen Potts Italian Dressing 240g £0.50 2 £1.00
Gourmet Kitchen Worcestershire Inspired Sauce 270ml £0.50 2 £1.00
Hellmanns Lighter Than Light Mayonnaise 430ml £0.33 3 £0.99
Old El Paso Original Mild Fajita Cooking Sauce 395g £0.75 2 £1.50
Cadbury Heroes 200g £1.49 2 £2.98
CREME EGG CLEARANCE Cadbury Creme Egg £0.10 10 £1.00
Nestle After Eight Chocolate Mints 300g £1.49 1 £1.49
Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Lollies 189g £0.89 3 £2.67
Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Chews 189g £0.89 3 £2.67
Fruit Hit Fairtrade Orange Juice 500ml £0.25 8 £2.00
Time Liquid Bio 735ml £0.75 2 £1.50
Sub Total
Discount £2.63
Shipping £5.25
The only thing that was a bit of a rip was the fajita sauce can get two for a pound from poundland. oops my bad!

Have purchased sweets in advance of Halloween. get em while they are cheap and will be hidden as will the chocs for christmas stocking fillers.

Great for condiments and sauces.Can you tell we like fajitas and thai curry!
TOTAL £32.85  

Being original with a meal plan for 1.5 people

I really enjoyed last weeks meal planning for the week-  making and eating it. Shopping for it and planning it less so lol

This week I have had to adapt again as I only have myself and Weeny to feed.

Monday  - pizza and left over salad I get left over slices for lunch on Tuesday lol
Tuesday - Chicken curry with left over veg's - I get a lunch out of this one as well stored for the freezer.
Wednesday - Quorn Sausages and mash and broccoli & carrots and gravy ( veg of course)
Thursday -  Frozen fish and chips ( real ones) and pea

We stick to Ice Cream for dessert mostly unless I make crumble or apple pie or pavlova which is rare.

I can see this becoming a bit repetitive however.  I tend to stick to the same things quite often.
Weeny needs a proper meal at night now as she has a packed lunch during the day and does not get tea at holiday club. This will also be the case with School Lunch only then a long wait till tea.

I need ideas for easy, quick, cheap cook meals. For curry I use maysan mild curry paste that comes in a box.  Stir fry veg/meat then add curry paste and water.
She eats and enjoys Gammon so that's one substitute. Not keen on burgers or fish fingers or kiddie food.

Hmm thinking
Weekends we do fine as I cook larger style dishes for me and Biggles and she tucks in just fine.

Have worked out that not including shoes/underwear most of my outfits come in at under a fiver lol  I feel smug about this when I go to work.
Trousers - £1
Top - £1.50
vest - £1.00
Shoes were old ones form tescos - pumps that cost a tenner.  Still going strong.