Thursday, 10 March 2011

Chip shop curry Thursday and a job interview!!

Ahhh another day - and another indulgence. Three quid for a syrup brown leather handbag with a flower motif - Its lovely and I love it - not good as I have a plan but.............

In response  to this over spend I have had another clear out and will sell some clothes and curtains - its good to de clutter! Am also stock piling for a car boot sale! Car boots are great  when you are a seller you don't have time to buy!!!

I shall also post pics of the finds when I dig out the software for the camera!

Job interview is positive - its still about 10k less than I was on and less per hour than I am now but more if I work full time. Its with a local college which is good and only about 20miles away and I can get the bus however its only guaranteed till July 31st when the college is taken over by another college so I don't know if I can take the risk.... I shall go to the interview anyway - good practice.

Had the delights of chip shop home made curry!! You know school curry - makway curry sauce special  with onion, chicken and peas and sweetcorn thrown in for good measure with a naan bread and a bag of boil in the bag rice!  Biggles came over for tea again. He is on leave and considering the pressies of this lap top ( his old one) and a TV for looking after him when he was in hospital plus all the other nice stuff we do hes worth it!!!!

Small gorgeous one loves having him around too. Nearly time for weekend number two. Apart from another two job applications I may get one or two things from the list accomplished!

  • Under stairs cupboard to sort and retrieve software for camera
  • Kitchen draws to sort - numerous bits for boot sale
  • Clothes to further sort with view to stuff to save for sister, stuff to recycle for cash
  • Sewing projects - smock top thing to hem the sleeves, curtains to hem ( I feel a wonder web moment coming on)
  • Curtains to re hang
  • Car to valet - its disgusting - need to fit wheel trims
  • Glass to recycle
  • Upstairs floors to sweep
  • Shed to sort out - I have a chest of drawers to revamp
  • Plan the garden for this year - I have seeds to plant and pots to re pot and ferns to plant etc
  • I have decorating also but am waiting for better weather (- prob the same for the garden and shed and car valeting )