Sunday, 18 December 2011

Last christmas....... or was it the one before that.....

Taking a break from the chaos that is moving house.... am pondering my all time favourite christmasses

Hmmm in no order of prefererence - difficult to decide as they are all different.

1. Prague - Opera in Christmas day to see la traviata, nothing stops in Prague over christmas but it is very christmassy in a lower key less commercial way. Ate Carp on Christmas eve - traditional Czech meal 2004

2. Brunei - - tropical - fabulous- heat- islamic - minimal christmas! Done this one three times! Got a tan! 1993, 2006, 2009

3.  Last yeas - Weeny girls first I get CHRISTMAS - so lovely for that and a day spent in matfen Hall on Boxing day with Biggles was lovely - scrabble by an open fire getting tiddly or tiddlier on irish coffee....2010

4. Childhood ones - the bones that are a bit blurry now with mum and dad still alive and well before Dad got ill. The ill ones don't count 1972-1984ish

5.The Christmas that never was.........2007

I had planned a wonderful christmas  for myself and plan to do it one day.

As a non christmassy person and hating the commercialism I decided to escape to the Lakes with my then Labrador - booked way in  advance - cottage, books, food and dog for a week and able to explore.....peace, beauty, fires, mince pies... ahhhhh

Anyhoo found out I was pregnant and would be 38 weeks by then so a remote cottage on my own was not to be.............. one day however when I have a dog again.... I couldn't sgo so cancelled but buggered off to the Isle of Wight to catch up with my sister and family who were visiting her inlaws and got myself a lovely apartment for four nights. Poor dog couldn't come however so went into kennels.

(I couldn't bear to be with ex's family and have managed to never spend a christmas with them - to much focus on money, gluttony andd self self self. - and they have lots of outside lights at christmas....... how horrendous. Wreaths yes - but come on!  electricity - wasteful  environment never thought of, splash the cash obviously!!!

Any favourite christmases???

PS Als done one in Tunisia - last minute - not great, travelled on Christmas day, spent time drinking and smoking and checking out old and ancient ruins -  Not as islamic as I would have liked - ie they had decorations!!! bleurgh!!!