Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day, tales from 1900ft and a bit of Brisket!!!

As Weeny girl is visiting other family I have the weekend to myself - I doooooooooo miss her however. I had my mothers day yesterday morning when Biggles nad wee one produced a card and a monkey with Wonderful mum on it ( The toy will end up in her collection lol) I got to stay in bed for a bit which was fab.   Then off we trotted on Biggles bike to the Hartside top Cafe in the Penines ( 900 ft or there abouts above sea level) near Alston, Cumbria. Great views shame my phone was nearly dead and would not take pics.  Could see Hellvelyn, Blencathra, Skiddaw , other hills and all the way to Dumfries and across the Solway Firth.  Nice slice of coffee cake and a numb bum. Biggles off doing a ride of respect today for Help for Heroes charity then home for Brisket - I pushed the boat out an snaffled a nice piece of brisket for mothers day celebrations for £5.20!!!!!   Eeek !!!! but I did only spend £35 on shopping and households this week!  We had carbonara cooked ala Biggles last night and a trip to the local drinking pub - no music, just 147 malt whiskeys, proper ales and conversation. Only two drinks as neither of us are big drinkers - leffe blonde Belgian stuff pour homme and hoegarten white beer pour la femme.

So not a very frugal weekend but a lovely one. Weeny girl back in time for brisket.  I am hoping she has had a lovely one. Sometimes she doesn't want to go or start the initial journey but then is all happy when she sees her BD ( bio dad) and half sister.

Ok Coffee calls ---- happy mothers day !