Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How do you .. with blogger

As a techno biff and IT buffoon how do I do the following on the new Blogger?

Follow new blogs.

I would like them to appear in my news feed.

What have I got to do?


The Gods of Freecycle doth shine on Moi

Feeling smug as have snaffled a stick hoover! Brilliant as my old cheapie naff I pick up nothing hoover has gone to hoover heaven aka the tip. Not salvageable am afraid. Was held together with Duct tape!

So a gas barbecue, patio sized full length cream lined curtains and a hoover! Its small but perfect for my purposes as I only have carpet on the stairs and in one bedroom. Will get some carpet down in my bedroom at some point lol.

Food for the week
Monday - yesterday we had lamb and gammon. I don't like lamb but the Biggles does so as part of his meat haul he had four lamb chops. I made a red currant and rosemary and red wine sauce to go over his chops and mash. We had Gammon rounds. All with carrots, calui and broc that needed using up.  I have the rest of the wine to drink. It  was from Biggles stash of red wine that he has been given over the years but never drinks as its red and gives him headaches. Nom Nom Nom for this evening.

Tuesday - Pizza - not home made but cheap ones, 60p per pizza that Weeny can decorate with her own toppings. Chorizo, ham, sweetcorn, extra cheese, onion and pepper.  I may put spinach on mine.

Wednesday-   Chorizo pasta - using up left over peppers and chorizo and onion stuff ,30p Garlic bread as a side.

Thursday - off to mother Biggles till Sunday. Lovely food - We have a late breakfast/beans on toast etc then nothing till the evening. Weeny has a snack typically too.

Sunday  Home again  - Sausages and burgers probably using my gas barbecue.

Our plans are to  get our hair cut, purchase a cheap toy for a birthday pressie and chill out. We will make it to the pub on Friday night then have the house to ourselves on Saturday when Mother Biggles and her partner go out. There are plenty of parks and if the weathers good some petting zoos and such.

Weeny has a party on Sunday at 1:30 and Biggles has promised that she can go. Not my arrangements. She discussed this in some depth with him and he capitulated..... as ever ......snigger.

They trotted off to day care today. No mummy just the two of them walking together.

Ahhhh bless