Saturday, 31 March 2012

Earth Hour and off again!

Hello folks.... super busy have been I. super busy will again tomorrow be. Why am I trying to emulate Yoda's composition of sentences???  Pah!

We are jollying off again tomorrow to London for a few days. Sunday to Tuesday. Then back to work for two days and then off for five over Easter maybe Scotland with Biggles to see the sister. See what happens with petrol etc etc.

We need to pack today and clean and wash and do all those annoying things before you go away.

Later at 8:30 this evening we will be building fires and lighting tealights in the garden for Earth Hour!  Then we are off for a bath to rid outselves of the smoke smell.

The wedding looms on the horizon thankfully it is after payday in April. I am skint again having had to pay for two new tyres and swimming lessons.   I am glad I moved when I could. Though it still smarts losing 15k and walking away with less than nothing I would be falling deeper and deeper into debt if I had not. At least this way I am skint but not in the red too significantly and I can climb out of the pit with credit rating intact, no IVA's or whatever they are called.

Oh wells.