Monday, 16 July 2012

Durham Reccy! and other bits.

I finally got the opp to do a reccy of where I may consider living in the future. Scratched a few areas just didn't go for them. Just not me! Others look ok though a tad more expensive  to the tune of £50 a month but for being content for three years and happy to leave my house without being concerned or spooked then tis worth it!

I have no news on whether a deferral is possible yet. I may just have to explain and reapply next year.

Sacriston, Witton Gilbert all look ok. Ushaw Moor at a push. Also Bearpark and Langley Park. All fine.  Will need to consider child care and do some investigating but that's for later I have Duke of Edinburgh to  keep me busy first.  I also get my four days per week starting August which is nice.

I have booked a week off at the same time Biggles has a fortnight off. I only have 7 days leave left so am only able to take a week. I may take the other two days during his week depending on plans.

We may go to the Deer Hut if it is free mid week.  ( Barrowburn posher camping barn!)

Iceland - the shop not the country!

Yesterday we picked up one of those tex mex enchilada things for ... 45p from the Co op. But this is about Iceland you say! Yes it will be! Anyhoo I decided I needed onions to go with the tex mex. Apparently you could just use chook but I decided I would use up left over bacon and a pepper and needed to add Union of course! I was out of onion and not wanting to park up and go to Morrisons etc or use the super expensive butchers come mini green grocer I trotted over to the land of ice. Now all those terrible adverts for frozen processed food normally keeps me well clear of the place however I was pleasantly surprised by some of the bargains and savings to be had.

Now I live in a titchy market town. We have a Sainsburys, Morrison and Lidl,  a Co-op and Iceland.  No big bargain shops like Tesco or Asda. Sainsburys is often out of my price range, though if you are picky with what you purchase its not bad sometimes ( stock cubes for 10p for eg ). Normally I find Morrison's the cheapest and most reliable for their prices in comparison to both Lidl and Sainsbury.

Anyway while in Iceland I snaffled half price Yorkshire tea bags, pizza, chicken breast bits and onions all for a rather nice price. The cucumber was 10p more expensive as was the Iceberg lettuce.

However Iceland was worth a gander just for the Free Range Eggs 6 for a pound. There are only caged hen eggs for cheaper in Morrisons and Sainsburys which I refuse to consciously buy.  Lots of other deals as well like 10 diet cokes for 2.50. Now I am partial to a diet fizzy drink from a can its got to be a can on the odd occasion - needs to be branded. Normally its a treat form the tiney winey pound shop where three for a pound rule!

A few other bits like a five pack of frutella for £1. Weeny girls likes three for a pound so this was better value. And the loo roll is softer and cheaper by 21p.  Only a pound for four rolls of petal soft. The rolls look about the same price and I refuse to purchase expense tissue for wiping ones fudge tunnel! What a waste!

Reduced fat cheese £2 foe 300grams - this is the normal price not the special price.

After all that getting past the party food aisle, ignoring the prawn ring and processed crap its occasionally worth a butchers.

Smart Mums go to Iceland to reccy the bargains not to purchase the processed ready meals!