Monday, 16 July 2012

Durham Reccy! and other bits.

I finally got the opp to do a reccy of where I may consider living in the future. Scratched a few areas just didn't go for them. Just not me! Others look ok though a tad more expensive  to the tune of £50 a month but for being content for three years and happy to leave my house without being concerned or spooked then tis worth it!

I have no news on whether a deferral is possible yet. I may just have to explain and reapply next year.

Sacriston, Witton Gilbert all look ok. Ushaw Moor at a push. Also Bearpark and Langley Park. All fine.  Will need to consider child care and do some investigating but that's for later I have Duke of Edinburgh to  keep me busy first.  I also get my four days per week starting August which is nice.

I have booked a week off at the same time Biggles has a fortnight off. I only have 7 days leave left so am only able to take a week. I may take the other two days during his week depending on plans.

We may go to the Deer Hut if it is free mid week.  ( Barrowburn posher camping barn!)

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