Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Some pics from the weekend.... Mini adventure plans...

Some pics from the weekend...................

My Strawberry tart efforts - architecture to be desired but taste perfectly adequate ++

 Boulmer Beach - tide was out leaving rock pools to be explored

Weeny girls favourite place is the Beach - given the option of park or beach she would choose beach everytime - far too much interesting stuff  do compared to a concrete park 
And you can run and run and run and run!!! and draw and splash and collect stuff and find dead stuff and live stuff and shells and rocks and sticks and seaweed and, and , and run and build sand castles and dig holes and  and ......
happy as piglets in muck

well back to work - not bad but bosses are off and there is much re structuring going on so little progress work wise -= I have gone as far as I can go really without getting other people to do their bits/have students in and its half term so I don't for see getting out of second gear. It leaves me time at work to day dream and plan and plot.... This is my logic....

I have to take a day off to meet with social workers.  If plans for work occur over summer I will not be taking anytime off bar days here and there maybe if I am lucky.

Why not combine trip with camping in lakes for a night or two. Weeny girl desperate to camp again and go on a boat.  I want to go to the lakes again. I am thinking Ullswater steamer to satisfy the boat.  

 I drive to west coast Thursday night. Spend morning of Friday with Mum and social worker  then tootle down west coast to Glenridding or Sykeside camping for Friday and sat night.

Friday will just have enough time to put up tent. Sat - Ullswater steamer and walk in Grisedale Forest . Head straight back Sunday.  This way I do not loose the day and have less of a journey overall not having to make a separate trip to the Lakes.  

I have the equipment - ok need an airbed but other than that...... not sure if Biggles will come or be able to come. Nice if he did pop over maybe on his superbike. I like the idea of Weeny girl and I doing a wee bit on our own. Like the idea of him popping over for the evening too.  could also take in Aria force if time. I have a back pack for weeny one who is not so weeny anymore when she gets tired. I think three miles+ may be a bit of a long trek for three year old legs..

I did try to encourage Biggles towards going to Wickerman but not keen on the line up. Can you believe he has never been to a concert!!!  All that military stuff getting in the way - I will secure Artic Monkeys tickets for him at some point.

ooo another adventure- excited already.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday stuff

I have unchecked the stay signed in box and apparently now I am allowed by the grace of google blogger to comment!! Not sure how may blogs I will be able to comment on but this is a start.  

Well we had our lie in before making our way to the swimming pool - weeny girl loves a splash.  We have investigated lessons but they are only offered 5-6pm week nights. Hmm I leave work at 5pm then pick her up at 5.45pm. Will have to keep swimming more often till something comes up.

 Sainsburys for supplies ( only because I thought I had a spend 30 get 6 off voucher but it was out of date). 

Lasagne x2 prepped one for tea the other to freeze. We made choc crispy tiffin type fridge cake!! Weeny girl chuffed.

Biggles back from his epic ride in time for tea.East coast to west coast via the scenic route taking in Alston and St Mary's Loch.   I shall not ask about speed. He has been given the evil eye and a filthy look.   tut tut Biggles.

I need to get some canes for the beans- I need to get some canes for the beans - and repeat 


I can't even  comment on my own posts or reply!!!  So this is a bit of a reply.......Yes  we had a grand dinner and a lovely walk on the beach as well....   :-)

 oh yes the half days how much fun are they!!! lol I prefer to spend as much time with her as I can so don't care a jot really  its just a shame for her.   Maybe one day  we will move so far away that its really not feasible anymore and I know for one that he wouldn't put himself out to visit at all. I always wanted to live on Shetland..... lol

Sunday, 29 May 2011

And hello ....

And hello to eveyone following my blog tooo!

Sick of Blogger!!! And a wee whine and some fun

Pah - Blogger still being a pain in the butt. Can only comment on some posts other ask for a stupid id thing which I don't have so can't post. Grrrr Am not being ignorant bloggers just hindered.

So far have accomplished the cleaning, washing and ironing and gardening. Weeny girl at other families. He is returning her early - common occurrence this. I like to maximise the free time I have with her. Despite having her here I feel as though I get hardly any time once you factor working to the equation. He works for himself and had freedoms that I do not. Still he sends her to his mothers  and returns her early and never asks to see more of her outside of his chosen time.... pah

First venture into strawberry tartage- architecture leaves a lot of be desired. Pork steaks and all the trimmings later for Sunday's dinner.

More ironing. Sat evening rather chill - excellent chow mein made by me.

Friday, 27 May 2011


Am tired and  glad of the meagre lie in tomorrow - Tomorrow I can roll over and cuddle the weeny one till I can be bothered to get up  or maybe I will cuddle Biggles - oo decisions decisions - both ( well  a lie till I have time to get small one to her other family's  house)

The garden and the kitchen are my only goals for the weekend. Oh and ironing ( booo) Thats it -and  minimal spends, maybe some bike time...............  Who knows.

One day will have to paint that sodding bathroom!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Quick post............

No more money drama's. Will check email at some point. Too tired tonight - weeny girl asleep since before 7pm  - fell asleep on the sofa. 

Pay day today so off to pay for the car tax £130 sodding quid.  Other than that - a bread drama!!!!
First time in ages I purchased a loaf of sliced long life wholemeal ( Tuesday) opened it today to find that half of it was covered in mould.  Weeny girl wanted cheesy toast so had to use it - the non mouldy bits what do you think I am!!!  Would take it back to Morrison's if I hadn't. Oh well will have to get on with home baking!!!  I should for the sake of my thighs leave the home baking for a while or keep it for special occasions!!

Am 10stone 10 sometimes 10st 8 so it is creeping down a little bit - 9st 10 would be fine Ihave decided. When in my 20's it was 8st 10 as the ideal weight but we live and learn and get older and need a more comfortable arse to sit on after another 9-5!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have been disgusted with myself for ''letting myself go'' ha ha ha

My mission is to keep the house in a reasonable state so that I can wash the kitchen floor at the weekend!!!

Am watching Three in a bed - the programme about the  Bed and Breakfasts - super funky Snooze in Brighton - lots of vintage but a bit too pricey for me!!!  I  prefer bothy's, hostels and tents the odd caravan and late rooms for splashing out!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Out of context reply - sodding blogger

The below is my reply to the Pissed off as a pissed off thing  comments! Blogger is being a pain!!

This is Eeeek - hi peeps! have updated the rest of the story above. I have had enough and it is a shame. To be lied to, threatened and accused is enough. I can't afford to do the solicitor thing as I don't have the cash to pay one and wouldn't be entitled to legal aid. I would like to give up POA but don't know how to do it other than pay a solicitor.
I should have taken more notice of incomes  and outcomes and what was being asked /used for.  Despite a pension and rent finances were permanently at a deficit and no saving available. 1k per month from a yearly income of 12k doesn't work if you have to budget for landlords insurance, maintenance etc. If you don't you haemoragh money - simples now I see it.

Blatant Lies -hmm a solicitor who sends expensive letters without getting paid.....

Thanks for the comments  peeps. After a vary threatening blatant lie I have called it quits. 
In an email I was threatened with a ficticious solicitors letter sent without the request of a paying client all the way to south east asia..

 The most annoying thing,  apart from being so blind to basic maths and accusing me of squandering a massive sum of money!!! (a few k I could undertand but 40k is hysterical)is the blatant lie that Mums solicitor had been in touch by letter reminding  her that he was legally able to audit any accounts for missapropriated funds.

 Of course I have not seen this letter but even I know that a solicitor wouldn't do this unless someone was paying them.  She thinks I am an idiot.

The lie and the solicitor''threat'' have been the last straw. I am actually waiting for the solicitor to call me back re this correspondence.have gone through books and am unable to account for approx 9k.  I will be more thorough over the weekend and it will turn up.  Hmmm Who pays the solicitor to send an expensive letter to south east Asia.......  Blatant lies.  More likely that the old fella was retiring and house deeds, wills etc were transferred to another law firm that's if there was any communication at all.....  If I am wrong then I have a very conscientious solicitor who works for free..............  I cannot believe it still. Lies lies lies and I am supposed to be stupid enough to believe it and be scared by it - The point of a lie is to get someone to believe it -yes???

And then was told I was acting guiltily by not accounting for 40k!!!!!!!!!!! 

I worked out  a few sums - laid out opening balances, income and outcome over 4 tax years - roughly/approx and easily accounted for 40k+ - how it got there and how it was spent.... 1000 per month in care fees South East Asia style x 50 months = 50k!!!!! 

I am sickened and completely finished. And it was blatantly a lie that it was all for my own good and satisfying legal responsibilities - it was more about clutching at straws and hoping for an inheritance.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

As pissed off as a pissed off thing in a most pissed off thing competition!

Money, families- biggest bane of my life.  I got lumbered with Power of attorney for my mum. This means I get the pleasure of her banking., Add in family to this mix and yes it was a time bomb. I knew this and wanted nothing to do with it but had no choice as I was the only party available to do it. I have no interest in money - I had enough with my own frugality and attempts to keep out of the financial mire thank you very much.  My preference would have been completely different but like I said no choice. Anyway have basically been berated for my efforts at book keeping which yes were pants but I warned all those involved of Mums failing health and problems and I was left to deal with it on my own.

 I have been accused of mislaying 40k. Family yet again!!! (Ha I wish - wouldn't be whinging about my 11yr old car or ridiculous mortgage payments if I had and would have had a few interesting holidays, a new kitchen, central heating  lol lol)

My book keeping system is rubbish. However to avoid bank charges and get the best rate of exchange etc I would withdraw funds and hand over cash to the relevant member of the family or use my account  to transfer money or pay directly into accounts. There is no paper trail. Why???... family. You don't bother with a paper trail.

I can account for the expenditure and know where it has gone. - house renovations in order to find tenants, cash sent  to a number of accounts for parental upkeep to avoid bank charges..... I pay for things in cash if possible - cheaper- so that's a withdrawal made by me. receipts for house renovations from2007/8 are missing. I have moved twice, had three homes and had a baby since mum left in 2007. I worked full time from Weeny girl being 8 months old, had housework, washing, shopping and all the other domestic stuff to accomplish as well as buying a house,  single parenting, moving twice with a baby in tow . The throw everything into a tin filing system has fallen down.

Ok my point. I have given a general rundown re cash and  budgets on several occasions to interested parties but  I am supposed to flagellate myself and worry myself to death over what I cannot change- my long past accounting system. Accordingly its for my own good and no one thinks I have borrowed the money surreptitiously!!. This is bollocks.  Its about where is my money!!! (My gut instinct all along was to say get a financial adviser in to do some care fees planning to pay for mums care in this country  then no one had to do this but such is life)  Family being perfect and supreme beings have every item receipted and accounted for all monies they received  listed, budgeted but then again its nice to have time for pilates and a book club and not to have to do domestics, small child care etc etc. If I had had the time there is so much I could of and would of done and not just keep orderly accounts and if I had had the ability... well that's another story.  And being perfect never making mistakes well I should just try harder to be more like them.I have sent out copies of rent statements and emails re renovation work. I am sick of having to repeat myself,.

Upshot is I have had enough. Supposedly I am on facebook/blogging all the time and could have done more.... yeah and less pilates and book club and a trip home in 2006 might have changed everything..... Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

So am pondering ''need''... how much do I need to have this in my life and the answer is not at all. I have the joys of  new job, house selling, ex s to  deal with, my own finances to  run,   some relationship and personal stuff, weeny girl to raise, a garden to keep, friends and family to see. I have no time for this. To be spoken to like that, to be insulted, to be patronised. My self esteem is fragile and dependant on medication enough as it is.

I will complete the last few responsibilities re assessments for mum then I am passing over all documentation and washing my hands of it all.  never ever again.  Its late and I am unable to sleep . This point says it all and it is the final straw for me. what would really be the purpose of continuing this relationship I ask myself.... and I struggle to find an answer.

 I really need to find my happy place again. How dare someone effect your life so much that you can't sleep and have a  knot in your stomach.... ''but all I said I ......''can hear the echoes already and they are so familiar and even in apology the tone is so patronising..... Time Gentlemen please methinks.

Monday, 23 May 2011


ha ha washout!!! Arrived in lovely sunshine - enjoyed one evening partaking of alcohol a wee bit in the family room - beer with child is a novelty!! It was empty and as such acceptable. As a child I had a lot of experience in these type of places - it was the 70's/80's and the holiday bar for families was not unfamiliar to me!!!  By the morning I had a stomach bug and had s & d. Looked outside and in the driving rain Biggles had to change his back tyre which was flat. We had left Weeny girls waterproof so while he set off to find a kwik fit we went on a hunt for a waterproof!! No where - matalan, asda, sports direct, sainsburys - stocked a basic cheap kiddies water proof. She scored for an umbrella instead  - princesses- sigh.  We saw mum, met family for some food in Loans ( a village) - a compliment of thirteen of us - 6 adults and 7 kids - . I ordered food in Loans ( a village) - potato and leek soup was excellent as was the veggie pasta dish. I managed to only eat half the soup and a third of the pasta. Would go back there however. Biggles really enjoyed his - Chicken tempura and  posh veggies. Prices good too 8.95 for two courses 10.95 for three. Food excellent for price. After that we headed back to the caravan. We had horizontal rain and I felt like rubbish still. Doctor Who and other crap tv - no more alcohol!!!

Sunday we had the wee party for the birthday girl. We had cake, sang happy birthday, pressies, tea etc - the kids were really good. Mum seemed to get something out of it- smiled and had a twinkle in her eye for a bit. we all had a general catch up to which was funny. Will be going back in July.  Mum seems well cared for and the home is nice. My cousins call in regularly and keep the staff on their toes. They really care about mum which is lovely. As niece's they had a bettter relationship with her than I did as her daughter.

We made it to the Electric Brae which is an optical illusion - hill where your car will appear to be rolling up hill, Dunure and to the park.

On Monday we took the long route home in the hooligan winds through Moffat, St Mary's Loch, Selkirk and Kelso. Stopped by Grey Mares Tail waterfall  for a stretch of the legs and the cafe at the Loch. Never seen the Loch so full.  All the rivers were rather full. Gales a howling- reports of trees down and cars squished.

View from the caravan on the first evening - doesn't do it justice was pretty wow with sunlight like a spotlight - very heaven like through the clouds

 Lucky mum got two cakes one from the staff and one from us and two lots of happy birthday sung to her which she responded to really well- residents got lots of cake that day!!!

 I often only ever get this view of them - will show you what I mean one day!!
 Same sea from Easter Weekend - now grey and harsh with plenty surf!
Grey Mares Tail in the background

 Guess what ........- no floors or bathroom cleaned and no grass cut. Well I never!!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Last post till Monday

Off to Scots lander for three nights ! Weather forecast is poor  but  where are I going again???  Am I guaranteed blistering sunshine.. ever..... no - rain- most excellent Scottish weather!!! We have packed for all variables apart from snow! 

I have packed this evening and am really tired. Friday - plans are just to get there and roll into bed. Saturday we need to find food and explore - Beach and Dunure and seeing mum. Sunday its birthday time - so cake, pressies etc. I shall purchase these on Sunday morning.  I will post pics. May take a trip for lunch to Maybole - a village type place down the coast and  a little inland.

See Mum again on Monday before coming home. ( I will gut the grass and wash the floors - I will I will)

Biggles stressed - frustrated at work and unable to ride bike. He is collecting weeny one tomorrow. We are leaving as soon as I get back.

Am shattered- and am really looking forward to a weekend where we have nothing planned and can potter about the house and if its a nice day go to the beach, if not bake cakes etc etc or may be all of that with extra bits!!!
 Here are some weeny girl pics for fun!!! oh and Dunure and beer ice cream and the River Till at Etal, Northumberland over Easter weekend when we had lovely weather!!!

 Brown Ale Ice Cream - no seconds thank you very much, I prefer cold bottles.
 River Till - a tributary of the Tweed! ( I think lol)
  Pretending to be a shop dummy - loving the wig!
 Castle at Dunure - Scotland
My sister and Weeny one near castle making daisy chains

Its a great little cove with a pebble beach, ruined castle, caves, ice cream shop, rock pools and a nice pub

See you soon blogger peeps!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pics as promised and other bits

Well accomplished 80% of the personal admin - only got to pop cheque in the post and ring tax credits. In my defence only received the renewal form in the post  when I got home this evening  and had rung at lunchtime so all good intentions. Awating a call back from Home Front re the central heating.

No cleaning or grass cutting accomplished opted for the park at the bottom of the street and the girls from next door coming in for a play date!!! Much nicer!!!Must try harder and not look for excuses not to clean bathroom properly, wash kitchen floor and cut grass. Grass will wait till Monday when we return  but re the other two jobs I have no excuse!!!
Major packing/organising tomorrow night. Biggles will collect weeny girl early and have her waiting for me at home with the car packed full of our stuff!

Super scrimpers - top tip  IMO- cheapo screen wash!!!
Also apreciated the string over the paint pot - also very practical and the wet newspaper for painting windows - Ace!!!

Barbecue was a recycling dream  - if you had the know how and the tools!

Pictures of finds and preloved donations from chums!! I have left out the washing basket - nothing exciting re that one!


 Shame  one got a bit blurred - it is a riot of colour and the pics don't do it justice. I like just being able to just sling it on at weekends and go out or potter about in it and its dead comfy!!! 
 Weeny one likes her tiger bin and star cushion. All rubbish gets directed to the tiger bin. Novelty eh!
Also scored for a hippie elephant wall hanging long thing but no pic. I love pre loved gifts!!!
Thank you dear Chum - many prayers and blessings and good karma to you. My chum needs it.

I found this funny!!!

I am still uploading to fb using  wi fi on my mobile then down loading from facebook to my laptop.... when I get round to diving into the understairs cupboard I may retrieve the necessary cd software thing!!!

TTFN Peeps

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kind of productive - must try harder, can do better! Lucky Me!!!

Productive - kind of.. I suppose
OK so have accomplished the following:
Tax office - electricity company all as POA for mum - completed

Need to do more personal admin tomorrow - send off car mechanics check, ring warm front ( I have been given a grant for central heating - am happy with the electric night storage stuff I have but in an effort to sell the house have taken the plunge - booo - more bloody expense - two service charges to pay!!!!) Ring tax credits to confirm money made last year..... can't think of anything else - ah yes credit card to ring up and pay and doctors)

However I have gardened - planted runner beans and petunia type things in hanging baskets, hoovered up stairs.

Tomorrow - wash the kitchen floor, do the bathroomish, do some ironing ( Yaa Booo :-( ) Personal Admin at work-  to organise/complete - make phone calls, etc etc
Scored for a few second hand things to day! A chum was having a clear our of stuff I had stored for her after she left her partner. Weeny girl got the remains of an art set - pens, pencils, paints etc in a tin briefcase style storage bag/box , a lion shaped flip top bin and a lilac star cushion. I bagged a washing basket - the ones you use to collect washing from the machine. I currently just plonk armfuls onf washing on the kitchen table leaving a trail of socks and knickers in my wake. And.a wicker shelf thing painted cream - good for the bedroom. Weeny girl happy, Mummy happy!

I promise I will post pics of finds, progress in the garden and such soon!!!!

Tea - one gammon round between 1.5 peeps, baked spuds one each - small one  and medium size  with cucumber, tomato salsa, mayo, mustard, sweetcorn and a few peas for splash of green colour. We really like this tea and both finish our plates pretty much. Dead cheap too. Gammon only 50p and the most expensive item on the list!

Mwaw Mwaw and all that May make low fat low cal (ish) Banana cake to take to the caravan- well its lower calorie banana cake .......

Monday, 16 May 2011

Note to self.....

Need to renew prescriptions and purchase chemist stuff for me  and tablets, weeny girl eczema cream - not urgent has a few weeks supply but might as well collect at the same time!!!

Send out checks asap - Garage1- MOT Garage 2 - Exhaust  161 and 189 respectively
End of month  from new wages - Car tax  and credit card payments to make!!!  130 and 120+ 25

Hopefully June - sigh - Will be more financially productive. My interest free has been extended till March next year but thats not the point really.

I also need to start saving big time for a new car, save in general for savings sake, save for  car tax, mot etc etc  When I get this month out of the way I shall re calculate with new ins and outs and spares.

Mondays.....after a rather nice weekend not including the Bike disaster sigh!!!

Monday - quick post before bed.  Weekend grand - Weeny girl at party which she loved. We shopped - lidl then popped into Morrisons to be the victims of sods law - Morrisons had the cheaper bacon - ya boo sucks. No more food required till Saturday when we shall be ensconced in a caravan on the west coast of Scotland!!! Its Mums birthday on the sunday - I would like to find her a coffee cake and candles, some photos, photo frames,  a CD player for her room and some very smelly flowers - going for the sensory approach.

Biggles bought his new machine - then was a super victim of the law of sod. The following day when out for a pootle about he stopped at a junction too the weight of the bike and his calf promptly gave way causing him to put his new bike on the floor very quickly nearly dropping it - yes scratched and requires a paint job already. Bloody unlucky - he has been working with a physio on this calf muscle for ages. The muscle is knacked - third time it has happened and its really starting to restrict his life - cycling, running, motor biking, walking are all out - OK short walks are fine but pref is for more challenging type walking.  He was gutter - the bike is brand new - He wanted to buy what he feels will be his last bike from new - he works hard and dedicates his life to his job - well has done for 20 years so far so he deserves it.

Sat night weeny girl was at her other families.  We had souped up thai red curry - with extra chilli's, garlic, lime, ginger, fish sauce all  added to the shop bought paste. Fantastic it was too!!! Scoffed in front of Doctor Who with Biggles bought alcohol!!! MMMM BEER!!! - Biggles wants to go for a proper Thai meal to sample a few dishes. Ooo did I say I snaffled a maxi dress -have been waiting for one ( non vintage) in a proper size 14 - not from New look ( I find their dresses too low cut) Got one - Will post pics of dress and jacket at some point.

I spent Sunday thinking about cleaning.Was raining so the plans to re pot and plant out runner bean plants and do the hanging baskets was out leaving cleaning. Booooo  I thought and then thought some more and then put on Schindlers List DVD( I really fancied Shawshank but don't have a copy), ate biccies, cried, drank coffee, weeped, had daughter delivered to me at 4pm, watched scooby do with her, watched TV then finally started to tidy around 6pm. We had snack tea as Mme sometimes eats Sunday dinner late  and indicated to me that this had certainly been the case and as such was not hungry ( tomato.salsa, ham, cucumber, tortillas, raw carrot sticks, mayo for dipping - she loves buffet stuff - oh and grapes) I tidied and prepped for weeknight action!!!

My house is skanky - well partially now.I have decided to do a few things each night  in prep for the caravan weekend and Mums birthday.

Monday - Polish and Hoover downstairs, ironing,  clean both toilets empty all bins,  Put on washing overnight - check!!
Tuesday - Hoover upstairs, clean bathroom - ironing . washing cycle etc etc etc
Wednesday - garden -  cut grass if weather permits - runner beans and plants to be re potted asap!!! Wash downstairs floors- This hasn't been done in a long long time  tut tut tut
Thursday - Pack and prep for weekend!!!

FRUGAL CLEANING - in my house this means you clean sparingly only when you can truly justify the use of water, electricity and products- ie not often, live in your own muck for as long as you can stands it!!! hee hee

I am going to take the personal admin to work to do in lunch hour. I need to do some juggling as power of attorney for mum I have to contact tax office to let them know she is resident again.

So peeps may be away for a while - If I do anything exciting I will blog but that's my week with work pretty much planned out.

ha no progress on the  frugal money thing - cheers exhaust!!!! Gotta laugh - I have intentions...... sigh.....

Much lurve xxxx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Odd things occuring with Blogger!!

have lost blogs and blog entries are all messed up and not in chronological order. I have also lost comments  that other peeps and myself have made!!!  Hmm the Friday 13th curse doth strike in the cloud and buzz around the ether as well eh!!! And here's me thinking the virtual world might be safe from superstition!!!! lol Silly me!!!

Hope everything is resolved and returned soon!!!
Biggles was stood down from his BT workman drama at silly o'clock before he had to leave which is good but still knacked up our plans.

Soiree last night at chums house for a good old catch up

We have a party to go to so must dash and get wee one ready!   Also have lots of planting ad  garden and domestics ( evil booooo) to do before weeny girl goes to other family for the evening . Biggles collecting a shiney new bike today so have that new addition to look forward to. Am,debating picking up  weeny girl early and doing the animal park as its free. Will see how far I get with chores! Biggles off to Croft some bike do so will not be back till late on Sunday.  Busy busy and I need to get to Lidl!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


grrr  Biggles soddin  silly employers yes thems the ones in blue, same as HRH Prince Williams. Well something  important  is broke which means Biggles who was staying with us this week (we have a bizarre living arrangement due an array of stuff) has been dragged off to  Scotland to be a 'manual type person or rather will be at dragged away at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, It has really fecked with our plans and put us both in foul moods.  Hmm I think they often take the piss as he is a kind of  in their opinion a bachelor type without they feel responsibilities (not married so not counted as of any importance- military are so fecking archaic in this country. Australia so much more civilised on this point and nor do we live together kind of)  Weeny girl will be really miffed tomorrow morning as no Biggles. We have things to do and meals planned and food bought  but then again national fecking security blah de blah. Some sodding phone technician from  BT has cocked up. Hopefully back by the weekend as he has a very nice shiny new bike to pick up!!!

Ha ha have I mentioned before that the princeling would have to salute Biggles as his superior!! I find this highly amusing!!! hee hee hee (but not that we could in theory end up a the same mess event as those two peeps. Its Wag-ish enough )

Long time no speak unfortunate happenings and purple suede!!

So Sheffield was grand  and back to work with a dull thud and a broken exhaust to the tune of £241!!! I did pick up a great purple suede jacket for £5 - not vintage  only brand new  but a great shade of purple anyway.

Other than that - just working and being busy and still unable to save given the above!!! Its also my mums birthday soon so we are visiting Scotland - all three of us over weekend of 21/22nd May. Hiring a caravan for three nights as this is cheaper than a family room for same time.  Will stay with family when I go on my own. Also have a kiddies party this weekend which is another expense but the little girl is the daughter of a dear friend so I don't mind so much.

Invested in an epilation session for all of £2!!!  perm hair removal from the college beauty spa!!! £2 for the removal of unwanted facial hair - worth it in my opinion. Hopefully I shall not be bothered by errant hairs when I am older and cannot Weild tweezers effectively enough to root the buggers out!!!

Had another flood in the bathroom - Weeny girl left the tap running and it dripped over the side of the bath and ( it pools and runs off the bath rim - doesn't fill the bath which I would have heard) So this is two unfortunate things!!!

Fingers crossed!!! Will post pics of the jacket when I get a chance - I lurve the colour!!

Made my first quorn chilli - tasty and eaten with pitta and cheese. Would be lovely with some nachos and cheese and jalepeno 's!!   Yes some is in the freezer for the future!!!!

Also have hit 11stone. I need to loose some weight and do some excercise. I shall endeavour. This is all I will commit to at this point- I shall endeavour lololol

Much love peeps!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

FE college!!! Hair cut for £8 and other little gems!!!

After a lovely weekend and time spent with my sister and Biggles, I returned to  work yesterday....... boo  however there is an up side to working in an FE college Cheap haircuts!!! and cheap beauty treatments! Cheap food in the student run restaurant and nice food  - so good spot for lunches you take with friends! 2.50 for a main course of restaurant standard is not bad at all!! ( Won't be many of these however)  Hair cuts and hair removal of the epilation stylee for £2 a session may be indulged!!!

I would like to see them roll out their services to include painting and decorating and other household maintenance They have a joinery and carpentry departments,  plumbing, gardening (- horticulture) am a sure simple maintenance service would be very very popular! 

Some car valeting ( FREE)  goes on  but only for the chosen few - I feel I may try to wheedle my way into this group!!!

I would def recommend checking out your local  FE college if you want some ultra cheap pampering and lunch!!! Most colleges will have a working salon, spa and restaurant!! Downside would be that they are only available term time! Some offer an evening service - check it out!!!  The student let loose on my hair  who done a very good job was an experienced level three student. This means they have studied for at least two years  possibly three prior to being let loose and have passed qualifications and several placements in working salons outside of college.It will cost me just as much to get Weeny girls hair cut!!! They do not take children under 12 which is pants!!!

I think a treat or two may be in order for the princely sum of £2-3- not a bad to while away your lunch hour and for a self esteem boost every so often its cheaper than regular salons and you help a young person learn and achieve! I shall update you with my adventures in FE college as they happen!!!

I also have an invite to a free day/look around at the new college animal gardens! The weeny one will appreciate this. I have actually already been  but will indulge again!!! 

I like cheap and free!!