Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sick of Blogger!!! And a wee whine and some fun

Pah - Blogger still being a pain in the butt. Can only comment on some posts other ask for a stupid id thing which I don't have so can't post. Grrrr Am not being ignorant bloggers just hindered.

So far have accomplished the cleaning, washing and ironing and gardening. Weeny girl at other families. He is returning her early - common occurrence this. I like to maximise the free time I have with her. Despite having her here I feel as though I get hardly any time once you factor working to the equation. He works for himself and had freedoms that I do not. Still he sends her to his mothers  and returns her early and never asks to see more of her outside of his chosen time.... pah

First venture into strawberry tartage- architecture leaves a lot of be desired. Pork steaks and all the trimmings later for Sunday's dinner.

More ironing. Sat evening rather chill - excellent chow mein made by me.

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  1. Oh yes - I remember those weekends with the other, which lasted half a day. And blogger! What is this commenting thing all about? Hope you had a nice Sunday dinner. xx