Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Should I stay or should I go...... this indecisions bugging me...

Reasons to go!

Opportuity for a new career!
Moving to a cheaper area  for rent, house prices - though am not in a position to purchase at all!
Good time for Weeny to change schools
Takes three years to train  needs to be done sooner rather than later
Better prospects
To be employed is to be at risk to be employable is to be secure

Reasons to stay!

Money - I can save money here and pay my bills
No risks - roof over my head - life is ok
Job is ok -
Paying a pension
Will be working part time
Some suppport locally from friends in the area and further afield though no one particularly close or family

To buy a house in this area I will need to save 10k at least.

I could save this money for weeny for the future. Chuck it in an ISA or something

In three years assuming that I get a job straight away I will be on the same salary as I am now.

Its a risk and hard work.............. indecision indecision......