Monday, 4 March 2013

Pros and Cons.. Bucks and other stuff

That would be Buckinghamshire and RAF High Wycomb towards the end of the year. We are considering it.

We need to work out if the job is a good promo job for Biggles or not. He is making enquiries. if so it may be a go - er. Question is what do we do. I am looking into re location seriously but as Biggles earns enough for us to be taken out of the Child benefit equation completely it needs some serious consideration.  Small girl and I will be dependent entirely on him till I get myself a job. He will only be there for max 2 yrs. This has implications for my career. Also as he earns a bit it means I will not be able to get funding for alot of future study options.  Also Bucks is in a pish location for future study options such as Social work however i could look into a Youth and Community development masters distance learning through DE Monfort in Leicester if I am employer for a minimum of 12hrs per week in a related position.  Its also ruibbish for commuting at weekends for Biggles. I couldn't visit as he would be living in the officers mess in a room.

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Will see what Biggles brings to the table with his research form other respected military types. He still quite likes the idea of a Italy and working for NATO but this is generally a career and promotion killer.

My pension will be in jeopardy as well. Leaving a local authority pension not great. However as he says if he makes Wing Commander it would be a mute point as hi WC pension would be most excellent.

Small Girl would be happy. The schools are fine locally and till she begins her GCSE's and starts secondary or high school we have some breathing space.  She is not happy that he leaves to go back to London and continues to cry and get upset. I thought she may have got used to it by now but no.

other than that we are planning residents weekend and a visit to Mother Biggles in Yorkshire. Next weekend Sheffield. Weekend after the local tourist attractions are open at cut price or free to residents of Northumberland.  Cragside most def.

It you caught countryfile last night on BBC1 7pm. Thats where we live! Well local to thew place and have even bunked in the old school visitied by that Julia Badbury girl who walks a lot!