Saturday, 17 March 2012

an end to a lovely day...............

Have really enjoyed today .. spent time with the weenster and it was great. We went to the pool for her swimming lesson, pootled round car boot and charity shops, had a coffee, went to a chums, had tea while weeny and a little chum the daughter of my chum played, came home had lunch! sat on sofa watch Alice in Wonderland and a silly bt vision film, scooted to morrisons, bought a bottle of half price Lindemans Shiraz-  ( nom nom nom) will last me two night no fears!!!!

We had cheapie chicken curry - weeny ate well, and I have two lunches in the freezer for next week. I managed some washing, defrosted my turkey roast for tomorrow, prepped veg, sorted washing. Sofa again and snuggled. Tomorrow I am taking the Weenster to Mass.  This will be her second time that she knows about. There is a Sunday school - so she is well taken care off- drawing and doing God things/stories etc etc.

After that I must tackle the lawn by first picking up the cat crap. This will take some time and be revolting.  I need to break out the lawn mower as well, make some cakes with weenster and also hoover/wash floors. then we can think about the half bottle of Lindemans.

No rest for the naughty eh??

Oh bugger and cook dinner - we are having turkey roast thing, mash, veg adn yorkshire puds. Weeny like to make yorkshire pudding vol au vents - meat, spud veg and a drip of gravy.

Busy but fab. She is in my bed as B is away so we are haing big big treats - Don't care she and I love it and will do it for as long as we want Sticks out tongue to head shakers!!!!! :-p


The car boot was pants however a new one starts locally in April. Overpriced and I was fleeced for £3 by weent on rubbish and a school jumper which I didn't realise had a kids name actuallt embroidered by machine on it.

Chazza shops  much better - 95p for work trousers - grey from Next and a brand new suit jacket for £4.50 but from New Look. All good for work so am chuffed.  Weent also got to buy two books and a Hello Kitty Top for £3.