Friday, 10 June 2011

Big pile of you know what!!!!

I crashed my car. Write off.  Don't ask! I have three points, a fine and injured pride. Everyone ok however. One of those things. PISH PISH PISH. I paid for early MOT, and recently the exhaust - 189 and 161 and tax which I will get back at least Oh and there was 1/2 a tank of fuel left so about 25 quid.  I have now purchased a car for 2k ( Fiat 03 Reg good mileage 30k on the clock) and paid 130 extra insurance.  

My frugal plan has gone down the swanney. Thankfully no one hurt. Weeny likes the new car which is blue.
Biggles has been fabulous - he rescued me and has lent me 1k interest free

I will update tomorrow in more detail. I am really tired.