Thursday, 4 August 2011

Update! Self indulgent whiny me - backside kicked ...... a bit!

Thanks for the replies ladies !!! Have given self a bit of a talking to and tutted at self,  stared in mirror and have given myself knowing looks and head shakes.

A small silver lining - I only have to pay for the speed course - £85-  not the fine as well.  I have to wait to get a number  from Cumbria constabulary then book my speed course so payment is not all at once. Paid the mechanic the £140.

We have an NHS appointment. I don't think they are as thorough as private as quickly but its something. As of November we  have the being in the same area  for longer than a weekend issue  House needs to go byeees for so so many reasons.

I have a date for my central heating - 10/11th August. Additional radiator for the bathroom which should help with the mould on the ceiling from condensation will cost £300. In fact would this help or would a fan type thing be better????

I am seeing a new estate agent 17th Aug. They are not local but a national company called Sell Quick - we'll see what they say. I am not convinced at all by estate agents not at all.

Weeny girl's dad wants her for full weekends. Friday and Saturday night starting this weekend. B and I will spend some time together Sat Night. We are going to Sheffield. It is the beginning of the football season. B off to a match. Only a few hours he doesn't do drinking before the game or after just the football. I may book shop or mooch around charity shops. Might get him to drop me off in Hillsborough and I'll mooch. We have  to return a rug I purchased on the last visit - its moulting chunks of cord  stuff - its a funky rug - don't ask!

I am chubby and weigh more than a stone than I did this time last year.  I need to tackle this in as cheap a way as possible.

Good things that have made me smile!!!!

  1. Nice visit from Biggles mother - we had days out over the weekend - popped to the beach every day ! Weeny girl happy as a pug in muck!
  2. Harvested a small crop of home grown potatoes all from a Sainsburys bag!!! Next time will spread them out a bit!!!
  3. Red currants! I made super sweet red currant and elder flower sorbet!!1
  4. An old honeydew melon left behind by Mother B  became Melon and mint sorbet!!! Goes really well with a small dollop of redcurrant sorbet!
  5. Making fairy cakes with a fail proof recipe!!! with weeny one. we are liking that at the moment!
Off to GP tomorrow - going to ask for some happy pills.... again - (not the first time but I can recognise the signs) and something to help me sleep. I fret til late at night  and wrench myself from the point  of sleep with thoughts of what if... and I am wide awake again. My brain has a mind of its own lol.

I hope to get to see my Mum in September. Its really shite I don't have the money to visit her. 3hr + drive there and back eats petrol and I just don't have it at the moment.

B and I are supposed to have a few days off together - we couldn't get our leave to synch - specific demands of my new job,  his leave booked months and months in advance.

House goes - I move with B or  I move to  somewhere more affordable where I can work part time 
(4 days) or term time. Option B involves finding a a new job  or doing a PGCE. - I have my eye on one in (County Durham). This should give me more time to be the parent I want to be, be able to take weeny to swimming lessons, ballet etc etc 

PG or sell the house or both asap. No need for the silly pills then eh!
I would be just too lucky then and that's really not me!