Sunday, 23 October 2011

Am considering rentals in the Morpeth or Whitley Bay area. Both are cloer to work adn not horrendous areas. Not where I woudl choose to live but I don't have choice. I have options and pro and cons to be weighed up.

I need to source decent child care as well this is the bigger worry for me. It is such a major part of Weeny girls life that it needs to be good and she needs to be happy.

Other than thaqt I am really tired. I am not sleeping at the moment. I am still coming to terms with not have anything at all even a thousand pounds form the house sale and being left having to find two thousand pounds and having nothing to show for it debt.

I worry about  not being able to save for a new car - mine is 7 years old and I need a plan. I worry about my pension the fact that I only started it at 30 and do not earn a great deal to make it particularly comforrtable retirement.

I worry about house deposits - never having another one.  no investment no financial freedom unles I scrounge

Retraining not retraining - such a risk and realistically could I afford it or the time.

My epic family fail - a sibling for weeny would have been lovely for her. She asks as other mothers are reproducing at nursery.  Bless her lonesome. Some one to whinge about me to when she is older who understands where she is coming from.

Dragging weeny from home to home - this is her third home in so many years. whereever I move to will not be to settle. I don't know where the story ends anymore.