Sunday, 12 August 2012

Good things about the Olympics

  • Inclusion of women athletes from strict Muslim countries - all of them brave and winners!
  • So many new female role models surpassing all those useless famous for the sake of it TOWIE WAG types! From Boxing to Heptathlon
  • A damn fine mix of British Athletes winning GOLD, Silver, Bronze - Mo, Jessica, Greg, Chris Hoy.. I could go on and on!
  • Mitt Romney having to eat his words. The games have been fine! Silly silly Mitt the Twit! Take your magical underwear and eat it! And your tax returns are proving as elusive as those golden tablets!
  • Watching The Bolt! entertaining as ever! And he is generous with his show boating Doing the Mobot!!!
  • The all Jamaican 200m winners podium!  We love doing The Beast and The Bolt! - and the super speedy 100m relay WOW WOW WOW
  • The opening ceremony - great mix of all things good about the UK including the NHS!!!
  • Most of the Closing  Ceremony - but why the stupid models! Who cares if they are famous for wearing clothes having junkie boyf's Doh!
  • Hopefully it will inspire more people to activity, sport and has made these things cool again rather than boob jobs and fame for fame's sake!#

Edited to include:

I nearly forgot - Oscar Pistorius Blade Runner - Excellent competion and loking forward to seeing more of him in the Paralympics.

And Joanna Rowsell!!!!  brave girl! great Role Model! Its not all about appearance and she has a lovely lovely attractive face regardless of her hair!