Thursday, 7 April 2011

Food crops a sown!!

We got messy yesterday and have planted ( in pots due to the cat poo issues)  carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, spinach, radishes. I hope to add tomatoes and potatoes and a few others to this if I can get my skates on and recycle the bags for life I have collected and acquire more compost. My garden is a cat toilet so everything is in bags/pots. We also popped in some sunflowers and some cheap pansy flower type things and heather. Hoping the red currant tree will be bountiful as well. I have rhubarb but its in the grown and very close to the car turd central so will give that a miss this year ( every year so far) Shame as its looks fab. I hack it to bits on a regular basis as it grows so so well.

Car had to have some work and then was serviced. I have paid the over payment from DWP. Only the loan to go and then the proper frugal plan can begin!!!  Save for christmas ( not that I spend a great deal anyway), pay off credit card, save for car expenses on going, save in general and  repay in small amounts the loan from la famille. 

Decorating house  but thats dead cheap as I only do magnolia and white. I have most of that in the house anyway. I do need some red step paint, wood stuff for the fence, outdoor white paint for wooden bits as well. Though I could just paint the white shed bits green lol might look a bit rank but it saves money.

Second last day at work today!!! New job Tuesday. Still a bit down about not doing PGCE but I kind of knew that it wouldn't be possible without selling the house and no sign of any interest let alone a potential sale.  Car needs a good clean and I have some recycling to do. I feel this may be a job for Monday! Recycle bottles and trip to the car wash. I do not have a hose or outside water source that I could use to wash the car which is a real pain. Its a pain watering plants outside filling up the watering can and trailing back and forth.I do put out buckets and containers to catch rain water - not that I am on  a meter but lazy and why not recycle water!!! 

I love spring and am glad I have planted. I stopped composting last year thinking that I would have sold the house by now. Sods Law!!! I really should do stuff to tempt fate more often. Maybe I need to get rid of all the baby things in the house..... lol  To plant a garden is to plan for tomorrow.