Saturday, 20 August 2011

I may be forced to concede the next battle......

I may have to give in with the estate agents. You leave you pay basically.  I really do not know where I will find 300 from to get away from Your Not Moving estate agents. I have sent a letter of complaint  as I feel like I am actually doing more to sell my house than they are! I initiate price reductions, home improvements with no feedback form potential buyers etc  I have also threatened the ombudsmen and have also found many poor reviews of YOUR MOVE estate agency.

I wait with baited breath! Doubtful anything will sell now untill I pay my way out of the shitty contract. They really do make me mad. Its not good being so pissed with a business when you live in a small town. Its not personal but living in a smalltown makes you more accountable and more vigilant or it should do as you cannot get away from your clientele!

Hmmm what to do next... If I pay the 300 I cannot afford carpets. My meagre savings are being pillaged as it is. I have asked if they do payment plans- doubtful.