Monday, 11 April 2011

Hmm What is new in my house???

Trying to think of the things bought from new or at full price new!

  • Mattress for the bed
  • A bookcase I have had for 6 years - ex stressed that I buy new in his house! Its the only thing I contributed and took that with me when I left!!
  • Weeny Girl bed frame! - I didn't actually buy it so does it count???
  • Computer desk cheap cheap from Argos -£12
  • Futon - I needed a sofa type thing for the downstairs of the one bedroom house I moved into! About £112
  • TV - not purchased by me either!!
  • Towels - ASDA and doing fine
  • Kettle - Sainsburys basics - about 3.98 3 years ago - doing well as is the cheapo microwave for £25 and toaster for 3.98 as well
  • Dinner set - cheapest from Argos - now missing a few pieces!!
  • Curtain poles - needed to get curtains up and couldn't wait for freecycle!
Am not including baby stuff/toys  some of which had to be bought new - car seat, specific lightweight buggy for going abroad, cot, crib and mattress - that's it.

Aha - I lie - black out curtains for weeny girls room and also mini table and chairs for weeny girl to sit on - IKEA-  great for crafting, eating dinner, when little friends visit!

All else preloved!!!! donated from friends, freecycled, ebayed - not much is ebayed!!! I love it and have been very lucky - my sofa and chairs are excellent quality, bed though now knackered had done well! I could go on. My only new purchases  - hang on - forgot - washing machine!!! were necessitated by moving out of house with a small baby to a new house pronto. No time and not as easy  to search for  bargains when you have a small small one to look after and go to work full time and do it all on your own!!! I still have these very bland things now. I had no motivation then to seek out bargains with the priority being get settled and juggle work and baby stuff.

I think my suite and kitchen table etc are all great finds!! What are yours??? Have you indulged in anything brand new???

All of my kitchen gadgets - toastie maker, food processor, liquidiser, deep fat fryer are free cycled!!!
Just need a George Forman to complete the set!!!

Back to full time work from tomorrow!!!

Ok I start my new temporary maybe permanent job tomorrow - I look forward to it!!! Today was horrible - rain and dull and cold till late afternoon. We spent the day inside - still tired from the weekends adventures - Weeny girl had an afternoon snooze as did I - we ventured forth at half four! Forgot about the bank and didn't get to town until after bank closing time so will have to try and fit  that one in again - oops. Also forgot the library books but did manage to take the glass to the bottle bank and  vacuum out the car as well as take Biggles stuff to the alterations place. Other than that accomplished zilch - no frantic cleaning of the house no ironing and cannot be bothered to start now - We did watch Harry Potter  2 from the sofa and have a leisurely lunch and the obligatory lie in this morning particularly so as the weather was pants pants pants!!!

Lunch was baked potatoes with cucumber, tomatoes, grated carrot and cheese coleslaw ( home made)  for me and plain cheese for weeny girl.  I have left over colesaw for to tomorrows lunch. Tea was lentil soup and homemade bread- Weeny girl got her 3-£1 sweets from the pound shop earlier so twix it was for pudding for her!The other evils are in the cupboard for another day (smarties and frutellas I think).

We will take  the Easter crafts to Mother Biggles house to do on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will be able to play outside in the garden. I do need to purchase Weeny girl some cheap summer sandals! I go for cheap - around £7 I think I paid last year as they only have to last the season! I do not buy Clarke's sandals just shoes- so we may fit in a small shopping trip in Sheffield.  I have an Easter bonnet for her to decorate and also some eggs - plastic ones.

Will be early to bed tonight and will not forget to charge my phone or set my alarm . Weeny girl needs to be at nursery for 8am sharp to enable me to get to work for 9am. I should make it with plenty time to spare. Its a trial run kind of although have travelled this way many a time before.