Monday, 11 April 2011

Hmm What is new in my house???

Trying to think of the things bought from new or at full price new!

  • Mattress for the bed
  • A bookcase I have had for 6 years - ex stressed that I buy new in his house! Its the only thing I contributed and took that with me when I left!!
  • Weeny Girl bed frame! - I didn't actually buy it so does it count???
  • Computer desk cheap cheap from Argos -£12
  • Futon - I needed a sofa type thing for the downstairs of the one bedroom house I moved into! About £112
  • TV - not purchased by me either!!
  • Towels - ASDA and doing fine
  • Kettle - Sainsburys basics - about 3.98 3 years ago - doing well as is the cheapo microwave for £25 and toaster for 3.98 as well
  • Dinner set - cheapest from Argos - now missing a few pieces!!
  • Curtain poles - needed to get curtains up and couldn't wait for freecycle!
Am not including baby stuff/toys  some of which had to be bought new - car seat, specific lightweight buggy for going abroad, cot, crib and mattress - that's it.

Aha - I lie - black out curtains for weeny girls room and also mini table and chairs for weeny girl to sit on - IKEA-  great for crafting, eating dinner, when little friends visit!

All else preloved!!!! donated from friends, freecycled, ebayed - not much is ebayed!!! I love it and have been very lucky - my sofa and chairs are excellent quality, bed though now knackered had done well! I could go on. My only new purchases  - hang on - forgot - washing machine!!! were necessitated by moving out of house with a small baby to a new house pronto. No time and not as easy  to search for  bargains when you have a small small one to look after and go to work full time and do it all on your own!!! I still have these very bland things now. I had no motivation then to seek out bargains with the priority being get settled and juggle work and baby stuff.

I think my suite and kitchen table etc are all great finds!! What are yours??? Have you indulged in anything brand new???

All of my kitchen gadgets - toastie maker, food processor, liquidiser, deep fat fryer are free cycled!!!
Just need a George Forman to complete the set!!!

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