Wednesday, 12 December 2012

back with a vengeance Rahhhh!

Hello roller coaster going up again lol

Anyhoo - looking at postings ( Biggles not me lol) Won't be long before the London malarky is finished. Well the best part of a year to do but we are planning.

We are off to look at the twinkly lights on Friday in the big smoke.

I have only had the heating on three times so far and am getting by with the oils filled radiator in one room heating it when needed and using jumpers at other times. We survive ok. I see the bastards are hiking prices again! This is what comes of privatisation eh!

I am finished with Christmas.  Ha wish I could be permanently for ever  but have a few more years of it lol.  Bar food shopping I am wrapped and cards sent and such like.  Enough! Only food to purchase on the 24th . We are in Sheffield that weekend so needs must lol.  I hate shopping onthe 24th December. We are then travelling home on same day. Might not make the christmas pavlova depending on time or the fajitas but plans need to be flexible and sometimes family comes first. We need to see the extended Biggles family.

 Busy at work, busy at home. I am really missing Biggles who also has a bad back at the moment. Weeny had her nativity. It was lovely apart from the fact she never got on stage. She wanted to come over for a cuddle with me prior to the performance but  the teacher didn't let her. She got upset so the teacher made her sit at her feet. Weeny then refused to participate in any star like activities. She was a star- well supposed to be a star and sing a star song along with al the other little stars.

She has a stubborn streak.........  its genetic. I think I was more miffed than she was. She said sorry mummy. She wasn't afraid or anything just stubborn. The teacher wouldn't let her go so Weeny decided she would go on strike.

The functional father Sperm Donor is still a prat.  Functional father! barely functioning father. He has so far never asked for a school picture, invite to the nativity, shown any  interest in school, her swimming lessons or anything. It is a shame for small one. He will not see her till Boxing day now. His choice is fine by me. if ony he could chose to drop off the face of the earth........ I hear it is expensive to arrnage for this to occur....... shame.

Just a quick drop in as I need to be off home.

Stay well and thanks for reading and replying lovely ladies.