Saturday, 11 June 2011

Viewers Ahoy!!

And hello to folks viewing anonymously - tis only polite afterall andI can tell by the view counter thing.

Enjoy the weekend!!

Another pants thing!!! and any Info on Quidco!!!

Parking ticket- ten mins over in the rain while I ran some errands. Another £30 to add to the £60 fine. yah boo sucks.

I have picked up some perennials for the garden from free cycle - as soon as it stops raining I am up for some hard labour. Loads of them I will have loads of flowers in my garden and lovely green plants and foliage! 

Have collected recorded post from Royal Mail, got forms to get tax back, and picked up veg for tonights hot Thai Curry!!! I have also deactivated Facebook. Will pop by from time to time but not in the mood for FB at the moment. Can't say anything nice so shall not say anything at all.

Weeny girl at Fathers. He picked her up this morning and will drop her back tomorrow.  He does not have a car at the moment. hasn't had one for a year only his work van. he is also feeling the pinch being a self employed joiner with own business.

I noticed car shopping that there are lots of larger cars about. Also the charity shops are most def busier than normal.  Sign of the times I feel.  Small cars and second hand is the way forward for not just us frugallers - in fact frugallism must be getting more popular. Freecycle seems busier as well.

Have you noticed anything????  Def more value products taken off the shelves in the supermarket.

 Every room in the house is a tip. I have much to do. BT vision box requires a clean up as well.
I feel a wardrobe reshuffle coming on as well. I need to get car boot and ebay stuffs ready. Am going to need it.

Hopefully will still get to the water of Ull at the weekend. ( Ullswater)  Glenridding or Sykeside as they are near a pub!!! A few beers may be in order on Friday night I think.

I have renewed my life insurance via quidco. What happens re cashback and such????? Does any one know?? I used aviva and got same policy for Twenty quid less.

More cookies on the go for Biggles as a thankyou for being Mr Wonderful.  Don't make many like him - I think its his mothers doing and also fine Yorkshire upbringing with a bit of military thrown in for good measure.

Bought another duvet for weeny girls bed - gets abit cold in winter - only 2.99, new work clothes - new to me anyway - size 16 to be comfy as am getting porky, a black mac style coat  and a suitcase for weekends.

I had a spend to cheer self up then ha went over parking time. Bloody expensive so far!!!

Last Weekend's Pics

 Cookies - more frozen dough for this weekend!
 View from Seahouses beach to Bamburgh
 Rather vibrant weeds on the cliffs!
Not bad for a mobile phone camera me thinks!

 Heading down to the shore

Skimming stones - madam had to take her leggins off for a plodge - She is a northern british child and as such is more than capable of taking the chill of the north seas for a wee bit - loves it!! lol Proper british chidhood in the summer!!!

And the obligatory ice cream!!!!