Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bored of wait around wednesday!!!

I just need to get on!!!! Hurry up May!!!!!

Picking up hire car tomorrow before epic journey and family stuff so may be away  for a few days from  blogland dear chums.  Acquired a few patriotic bits for weeny girls patriotic wedding barbecue- all from Aldi - I like that shop - one on my way home.  Lidl is still cheaper for a few things, Morrison's and asda are good for others. I juggle like we all do. Only £17 and a fair few bits  of food and nibbles to take away with us on our care home adventure. Back on Sunday to clean and organize before work. I also intend on familiarising the Wanderer to the ways of frugalism - This is my ex pat sister who after only paying 14p a litre for petrol and living it large in South East Asia  is in for a big shock! I am sure frugalism will be of benefit nowshe is having to put up with the old country again. Wish these niggling cramps would just get on with it. I have no patience for these things anymore. All pointless!!!

Fajitas for tomorrow - to be cooked by Biggles fair hand while I pack and organise for our road trip. Fajita pack form Aldi for 1.49 - not bad considering the purchase of tortillas and seasoning ( which if I got on with it I could make myself) I can make my own salsa. MAY MAY MAY . Must make more effort. hmph!