Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bored of wait around wednesday!!!

I just need to get on!!!! Hurry up May!!!!!

Picking up hire car tomorrow before epic journey and family stuff so may be away  for a few days from  blogland dear chums.  Acquired a few patriotic bits for weeny girls patriotic wedding barbecue- all from Aldi - I like that shop - one on my way home.  Lidl is still cheaper for a few things, Morrison's and asda are good for others. I juggle like we all do. Only £17 and a fair few bits  of food and nibbles to take away with us on our care home adventure. Back on Sunday to clean and organize before work. I also intend on familiarising the Wanderer to the ways of frugalism - This is my ex pat sister who after only paying 14p a litre for petrol and living it large in South East Asia  is in for a big shock! I am sure frugalism will be of benefit nowshe is having to put up with the old country again. Wish these niggling cramps would just get on with it. I have no patience for these things anymore. All pointless!!!

Fajitas for tomorrow - to be cooked by Biggles fair hand while I pack and organise for our road trip. Fajita pack form Aldi for 1.49 - not bad considering the purchase of tortillas and seasoning ( which if I got on with it I could make myself) I can make my own salsa. MAY MAY MAY . Must make more effort. hmph!


  1. Please dont wish April away too fast, im coming up to Northumberland for a week on Saturday and want it to go slowly as I love it there. Leave the housework and enjoy the weather xx

  2. Have a nice break, apparently the weather is going to be really good.

  3. Enjoy Northumberland!!!! Where are you going in Northumberland - West? North? I hope it lasts for a long time. Weekend will be tiring but will enjoy it and try not to have a timetable or at least just a vague one. Will catch up on Monday!!! Everyone enjoy easter!!!

  4. Have a great time! We will miss you.

    I should start shopping at Aldi, too. It really does save you some dough.



  5. Hello Eeek, thanks for your comment, nice to know I have interested readers. Just thought you might like to know (having perused your details and a few of your posts) there is a Brian Froud not 6 inches from my left hand (Good Faeries Bad Faeries) and I am not only a fan of Mr Pratchett but I actually went to school with him. Even have some of his 'unpublished' work in several issues of the school magazine from the mid-sixties.
    I also brew my own beer (so you can have a pint after you've walked all the way here to see the aforementioned TP stuff!) as is fitting - I live in a village called Brue. BH is a fan of popcorn like you, also G&T. Have you tried Hendricks gin? It's best drunk with cucumber! Enough! I'm starting to drivel. Love to you and wee one and Biggles.

  6. I'm stopping in Seahouses for the week and am having a lovely time, we have been to Lindisfarne today. Do you live close to Seahouses? Hope you had a good Easter with weeny girl xx

  7. I am just down the coast near Boulmer. fish and Chips are great in Seahouses. If you do walking and are in Alnwick at all try hulne park - its a bit hidden but does have some great walks and picnic spots as well as a ruined abbey and a folly - Brizlee Tower so worth a look and cheaper than the castle/gardens!!!! enjoy!!!!!

    Hi albedo - have been to Skye and Rassay and would love to make it to the outer hebrides one day - are you as bothered by the midge???? Will check pout Hendricks and the cucumber p sounds good!!!!